Last year was not a good year for the elderly relatives in my family, we seemed to  have lost more than usual in one year. I ended up having to go to a lot of funerals. That got me thinking about what do I want for a funeral. I certainly don't want a Catholic Church funeral, so what do I want people to do when I die. I didn't come to any clear conclusions, except that I want someone to play the Rolling Stones-Gimme Shelter which happens to be my favorite RS song, I also like Sympathy for the Devil so why not play that one too and finally Knocking on Heaven Door by Bob Dylan. What are your thoughts???

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I just told my family that I want to donate my body to science - either a medical school or the body farm in Texas, and if they hold a memorial for me, that there needs to be purple balloons. >.> I'm the only atheist in my family, so I'm kind of curious what they would do after my death. They're religious, but to bring in a priest to talk about me would be hypocritical; and I'm sure it would be highly offensive if the priest tells them I've gone to hell for not accepting Christ and they should to avoid my fate. *shrug*
No catholic funerals for me, too. Argh, no crucifix please!

Playlist will include "Silent Lucidity" by Queenryche, "To One In Paradise" by The Alan Parsons Project and Ozzy's "Dreamer."

And, a piece of me going into cryo facility.

PS. I intend to come back. :)
Whatever my family wants is just fine. After all, they're the ones the funeral is for. But, if I had a say in it I would want 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' played at some point. Oh, and no black clothes, it's just depressing.
Make sure whatever you decide is included in your will and that you have a witness. I thought about having a small gathering for those that want to say goodbye to me who can scatter my ashes in a memorable location. I refuse to let anyone pay for a huge service as I see funeral services as a big cash cow industry. This topic reminds me of Andy Kaufman's funeral in the movie Man on the Moon. I thought it was such a happy way to say goodbye.
I totally agree with you. Funerals are crazy expensive... who wants to pay $4K for a shiny box?

But, in the US it doesn't really matter what you want for your own funeral or your desire to do or not do organ donation. You can certainly put it down in writing in a living will, but your next of kin is under no obligation to actually do what you wanted. Living wills are a also required to be signed by 2 witnesses in all 50 states. Living wills and organ donor stickers are more of a suggestion so your family doesn't have to make the decisions.
That really sucks, but at least we won't know its happening ;)
I do have a will and I have said that I want to be creamated. My ashes can be scattered along the sea shore, let the wind blow me away.
My mom, my brother and me recently lost our grandfather to cancer. The day he found out what he had he said he wanted to be cremated and no funeral. He was't an atheist, although he did not actively practice any religion, but the extended family made an ugly face when we told them. So we made a sort of a compromise, since there would be no funeral we made a non-denominational ceremony so we could all say goodbye. He used to joke that he didn't care what we did with the ashes as long as he didn't end up being flushed down the toilet or as an ashtray. So the 3 of us went to a countryside where he had grown up and spent every summer as a child and we scattered about 3/4 of his ashes. We all got some small urn vials and we have necklaces with them(yeah some people think that's fucked up but we don't care) that way even though there is no actual grave site, we have part of him with us.

When I die I want to be cremated, organs donated if possible, and no damn religious ceremony whatsoever. I'd love to play Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve, Stairway to Heaven by Zeppelin and a few others.
Nothing wrong with the ash necklaces. If I can afford it when my favorite dog dies, I want her ashes spun into a glass pendant.
For myself, cremation and my ashes scattered somewhere beautiful or in the pasture will work too if I'm still living in my current rural home. And I don't want any mombo-jombo talk going on.
You can get them really cheap on amazon or ebay. All kinds of designs and sizes. Ours are simple stainless steel vials, each with a small accessory. Mine has a star. =)
As a side note compressing your ashes into diamonds seems like a neat idea.
My family knows to save money on the disposal issue. My plan is to squeeze all the goodness out of my life compatible with concern that others do the same. My senior years are devoted to grandfathering, wood carving, music, beer and fostering the Lake Superior Freethinkers which I founded in 1997.
see and check out my peculiar essays in 'Bill's Corner'.


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