Fear mongering and (post-bush) perry propaganda accd. to BBC.. tons of comments!


'Failing' education system
He tell a group of men: "It's easy to say it's a miracle when everyone you deal with living in million-dollar homes, driving hundred thousand-dollar cars, wearing thousand-dollar suits.

"If everyone around me was like that then I would be at ease. But this is what I have to deal with when I come back to my neighbourhood: people struggling to eat, people struggling to get a job, kids put out of school and an education system that is failing.

"If there's a miracle I really wish it would make way to our community because I don't see it."

He says to me: "I am scared for the country. If this is Rick Perry's mindset concerning Texas, what would happen if a person like that became president of the United States? He would duplicate this across the country. We're devastated. We need a miracle.

"The low taxes is good for the wealthy. No one really likes paying taxes. But if you lower the taxes it makes it easier for the haves to keep what they have and harder for the have-nots to get anything. Its not good for us."

Since his entry into the race in mid-August, Rick Perry has soared to the front of the field
He says the low taxes have made for a bad education system and that balancing the books and making further cutbacks will make that even worse.

"Education is power," he says.

"If the kids don't get educated then they're destined to duplicate what they've seen. If we don't teach them and take them to a place where they can begin to dream and think better what else can they do?"

The men he's taking to are sat outside a run-down house on office chairs that have seen better days, around a rusty table, drinking water and Gatorade.

This is the home of a mechanic, but there's no work going on. I see the ripped-out backseat of a car to provide extra seating, and mechanical and electrical parts scattered on a table next to a totally empty and dusty tool box.

One man, Edward Atkins, tells me: "I am a certified electrician, I don't have no tickets, no warrants or anything, I have put out more than 100 applications and have nobody called me for a job."

"hey welcome to jonestown 2011"---

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