Funny how they never seem to turn that answer the other way...

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I am in a Yahoo group with someone who knows the father.

"Were you there?"  Nope, wasn't ... but how many murders and other crimes occurred with no witnesses, yet sufficient forensic and other evidence to identify, locate and convict the perpetrator?

And the evidence for evolution is so rich and considerable and interlinking and interdisciplinary that there can be no doubt but that the theory of evolution qualifies as a proper and definitive explanation as to how life evolved on this planet.

Granted, you can't tell that to the YECs or the Ken Hams and Kent Hovents and Ray Comforts of this world.  They have their god and bible and beliefs and dogma and they will hang onto it with more determination than Linus Van Pelt of Peanuts fame ever hung onto his security blanket, and for much the same reason: security ... because they're afraid of death.

And as long as they hang onto their irrational beliefs and fears, they will insist that others believe it as well ... and that despicable test paper and others like it will persist as well.




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