I am writing a book promoting the atheist/freethinker/bright worldview and seek your help. One chapter is dedicated to revealing religious quotes. Three examples:

"No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God."
George H.W. Bush

"Whatever the natural cause, sin is the true cause of all earthquakes."
John Wesley (1703-1791)

"To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin."
“Saint” Robert Cardinal Bellarmine (1542-1621), at the trial of Galileo.

Would you be kind enough to share some of your favorites with me? I would really appreciate it.

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I hear there were two genisis books because the pagan stories told of a woman from planet god that denied adam

go figure
her name was lilith so the tale goes
Thanks, James. As I understood "Lilith" she was an invention of the Jewish "something" ["midrash"?] which commented upon and explicated the Torah. Lilith refused to have sex with Adam in the missionary position (something silly like that. can't remember exactly) so God replaced her with Eve. At least this may explain where Cain's wife came from. Maybe he married Lilith.


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