Fux News weighs in on Reason Rally before it starts:

From its best-known speaker, Professor Richard Dawkins, to the event's website, to its very name, this rally is not simply about protecting the rights of non-believers, but about the inferiority of religious belief. And, based on the promised presence of comedian Bill Maher, it will include heaping abuse not only upon belief, but upon believers themselves – something Mr. Maher loves doing.

I really hope there was a lot of heaping abuse......

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"I really hope there was a lot of heaping abuse...…"

Well, I wouldn't call it "abuse", …more like, deserved contempt.

See my blog updates for some of the more delicious expressions of contempt (videos)

I found the use of the word 'abuse' amusing, I mean, it isn't as though we threaten people with burn in hell or anything....

Right. I thought the word choice odd myself.

If abuse is defined by statement of fact, use of logic, observation of clear evidence and the use of those in argument against a phenomenon which uses faith as a primary means of self-reinforcement, then yes, we abuse religion.  If religion cannot respond with fact, logic and evidence to support itself, it only has itself to blame.

And as I have said many times, if religion can't stand the heat, the door to the kitchen is THAT way ====>.

Oooh! Fox News????

I get to use this again!



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