this doesn't have too much to do with Atheism, but i felt like sharing a bit.  

i'll address the Atheism first though.  assuming you've watched the series or read the books, there is a lot of talk about Gods.  some worship old gods, others new gods, others a single god, others a drowned god (i never got that one), and yet others don't believe in any of them.  in fact, quite a few characters in GOT are atheists, although they don't ever say it that way.  

if you haven't watched it i'd greatly recommend it, but not for the religious aspect.  i'd post some of the atheist lines but i can't seem to find them online and my memory isn't quite that good.  rest assured, many men (but few women, hmmmm???) in Westeros don't seem to believe in any of the myriad of Gods out there.  

ok, so the main reason for writing this.  i just bought the 3rd book, which is further in the series than the HBO show.  if anyone can tell me whether it's better to wait for the show to resume or just read the book now i'd appreciate it.  i'm looking forward to it coming back but don't want to ruin it.  

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I love that show Matthew and I just bought the second season today on blue ray. I am glad to meet another fan.

How closely is the book written to the show? DO they differ? If they follow each other closely than I would just wait for the show. Or maybe you can read the book first and see it in your imagination and then watch the show to see how they interpret it.

the first two have been both amazingly similar and yet quite different.  the story is mostly the same, as are most big scenes.  however some characters that get a lot of screen time are relatively small players in the books.  there are a few small differences but it follows the books nicely.  the books are obviously very descriptive with costumes and scenery, which is so well shown in the tv show you can almost skip right over those passages in the book.  still, the books are exceptionally well written and very good.  if you like the hbo series you'll enjoy the books too.  

I need to get the books now. : )

The show adapts and removes a lot of characters from the books but somehow keeps the storyline a tad close to the books. I really loved the books and the show is not so bad either.

I haven't seen any of the HBO series but have loved all the books. I've never seen a screen adaption that I've found to be better than the books but I suppose there is a first for everything.



you need to watch.  so good.  they really bring Westeros to life.

I adore this show, cannot wait until the end of March!

I have just finished the second season and noticed the references to all the different gods and the comments from those who do not believe. Quite refreshing to see. I would say that Game of Thrones is the very best thing I have ever seen on TV!

i've rewatched both seasons 3 times, and am nearly finished the 3rd book.  i can't get enough GOT.  can't wait for Sunday!!!

I bough tthe second season and watched it - very good.




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