Ok so almost everyone says im addicted to some kind of electronical game like the ps xbox something like that and that im on it like 24/7 they say its a bad thing but i am trying to prove them wrong mostly so i can still play my Xbox...so does anyone else have people telling them this and if so i need reasons as to why its not bad or addicting....pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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I'm addicted to my Xbox 360. I play it a lot, but not 24/7. My mother tells me that it's bad becasue I don't get out enough, I agree with her on that. It's not too good for the eyes either. The only positive thing it provides is reflex time and Hand eye coordination, I suppose.
Anything can be abused. Spending too much time gaming is a tough one. I've experienced the problem first-hand with people in my life. The gaming becomes a fixation to the exclusion of almost all else. I've seen loss of social skills, the near destruction of important relationships, decline in health, increase in weight, and other symptoms that can become quite destructive.

Playing games for entertainment is one thing, but when you let them take over your life (and it sounds like you may be headed there), there's nothing good that can come of it. Put down the controller, go get some fresh air, and socialize with your friends before you lose the ability to do any of those things. ;-)
Aye, I agree that having a "social life" is considered healthy and to not to is a stigma which I find it quite frankly find very annoying. Particularly since I am a person who cannot so easily have a social life with anyone.

We all probably have heard the term "no life", why does it only subject a lack of social life? Do westerners actually consider living as having a social life?
What's the group? I'd be interested to read that viewpoint.
i dont have a social life except for on the computer or when im playing a game that involves a head set and talking to other people i really only have 1 friend on the outside world
Well, you really don't NEED a frined to interact in the outisde world. Just go outside and take a walk. It's actually quite refreshing. It'll give you time to yourself to just think, and nobody bothers you because you're not at home being nagged by your parents or anything like that. If you've got an MP3 Player, bring it with you while you take a small hike in the woods that are near you, or down that park you used to play in when you were a kid, or by your school. No matter where you're walking, it's a good thing. I'm a videogame addict. I can admit it, I'm addicted to xbox live, and other things like that, but when I take a walk, I feel like I'm giving myself a well diserved break.
I don't either and I am perfectly fine with it. The only friend I have lives in Russia, in another town and in another country than myself. I don't need more, but that's how I am socially wired. I just never had it easy to get friends and I can't just be friends with anyone, like some people think you can.
lmao. Hopefully he won't do a Jason then?




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