So a couple of weeks ago I attended WorldPride in Toronto with my boyfriend, I had actually went on holiday to Canada especially to experience such a thing and since Canada is one of them most accepting places for a 20 something gay guy and his boyfriend I was somewhat shocked to see this in Dundas Sq

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That "warning - hellfire" poster is the most stupid thing I have ever seen. Wonder if they put any of their own ideas in there? This stupid mofo believes in warlocks and thinks TV watchers are going to hell. He also doesn't like feminists and childish men. What the hell does all that mean?

Should stand next to him with a sign that reads "Christians are going to hell", with a citation from the Quran. 

Riiiiiiiiiiiight... eternal torture for supporting "the radical proposition that women are people"? I don't think so!

The odd thing is a lot of YouTube atheists are downright misogynistic. I'm not sure exactly how they circle that particular square.

Coming back now to address your blog title "Gawd's Love." Let me remind everyone that we are told how great god's love is. God has a greater love for us and everything than the world has ever known. Chrisitians have a way of opening up their arms so they appear as someone on a cross and they say "jesus loves you this much." (Oh, see the suffering here.) Religion has to have suffering so as to impress you with the guilt! Yes, Jesus died for us, but what a death it was. He was only dead for a weekend and during that time he was preaching in hell. Some sacrifice.

Just when you thought this old preacher was really going to preach again, let me tell you one more time about god's love.

GOD'S LOVE IS CONDITIONAL. That's right. You heard it. God has conditional love!

Some counter-protestors should have big signs saying "HELL IS IMAGINARY" and similar things!

(Too often the ideas in the "marketplace" are limited to "God said this!" "No, God said that!" I wanted to step away from the unstated god-assumption, and actually made a flyer from a humanistic perspective... feel free to modify, improve, and share it!)

I  like saying "You mean Michigan ? " 

Great flyer, GC!


(Yes, I echoed the Declaration of Independence, instilled into Americans as a respected, "sacred" text itself. I must have wanted a reminder that no matter what Christianists claim, the U.S. is based on secular principles. And I explicitly spelled out "True morality based on empathy, reason, compassion, and reality.")

WTF is a 'yoga new ager'?

I have no idea. I think anything non Christian or Abrihamic  I guess. 

I have a lot of admiration for Buddhism and I practise meditation since it helps my mental wellbeing a lot so  I am probably a "Yoga New Ager"

Tsk tsk tsk - so you'd go to hell even if you weren't gay. (Along with all the extra-terrestrials. It might be fun!)



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