"Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."


This passage from the bible sounds pretty clear to me, though some argue it's true meaning.


How can one be gay and Christian and still maintain a healthy and guilt free sex life?


There are not as many mentions, condemnation or otherwise, in the bible as many evangelicals would like us to believe, but it's still pretty clear to me that the bible condems it. I personaly could not care less what the bible says on anything, but this seems to be a major deal with most people who at least, give some credence to bible morality.


Since I am using my real name, plus my picture, it may be unwise for me to show a full deck with regard to my sexual orientation, so lets just say I am on the side of the gay folks :)


I am guessing there are a number of gay atheist members here who may be less bashful than I to comment, but I am intersted in knowing if most gay people are, by necessity, atheist, and how they struggled in life having both socially unacceptable stigmas.


Does anyone want to share their thoughts?



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Gay Atheists group on AN has had over 2000 visits since early sept 2010, and over 400 members. I say that to show there is a lot of interest.

People have a great ability to compartmentalize and to pick and choose. Christians are great at it, and have to be since the bible is self contradicting. The Jesus character may have sometimes taught love and forgivenes,s but he also stated that he came to fulfull the law, not to contradict it, and that the laws of god remained true, and that he would split families asunder turning parent against child and sibling against sibling, or something like that. Remember, the Jesus charater IS the god character, sort of.

I was taught, as a fundamentalist Baptist, that gays did not deserve any kind of respect whatsoever, that bullying, discrimination, taunting, demeaning, and even beating and occasional murders of gays (in the 1960s and 70s) was acceptable and christian. But if you believe in the bible, you regard it as yourself that is wrong, not the bible.

I have always suspected that the catholic church had about 1/3 gay priests, but who knows the truth? I sure don't.

I have known a number of gay clergy in other denominations. I've known a gay male muslim and a lesbian muslim, both coverted to islam after being out of the closet as same-gender-loving. There are also whole denominations, such as the Metropolitan Community Church and a few free-standing churches, that celebrate same-gender-loving persons.

Sorry for the rather random response. There is no one single answer. If someone is gay and religious, they either hate themselves, or they compartmentalize, or they belong to a nonfundamentalist group that plays up the "god is love" theme without paying attention to the bible.

I think it is a little easier now since the catholic church has become more devided between liberal and conservitive.

It's no wonder most gays, who actually attend church regularly (most I know, do not) are in fact catholic.

I have never met, say, a southern babtist gay person ;)

But it still defies logic to me that ANY gay person would have any interest in religion at all.

Indeed, this alone should be good enough reason for them to be atheist, and avoid religion.


Again, I think it gets down to more "cherry picking" the true meaning of the bible and the interprations of just what these few anti-homosexual bible passages actualy mean.


One of the wonderful things about the bible is that we can interprate it in many ways and feel completly justified in our conclusions.


If you Google "what the bible says about homosexuality" you will find several interpratations of the verse in my first post.


If a catholic high priest says gay is okay, then that is all a gay person needs to hear (argument from authority).


I can also not understand the logic of the christian (some, not all) belief that the gay life style somehow threatens the very fabric of civilization without explaining why this should be so.

It certainly does not say anything like that in the bible. But it most certainly says sexual acts between two men or woman is a sin. Premarital hetrosexual sex is also a sin, but you get married, then it's not sinful if the love making produces children.


There is no such option for gays.

National Geographic made a wonderful documetary on Homosexuality in animals, it can be seen by clicking this link:




You will never see this program on American television because no sponser would touch it with a ten foot pole due to the inevatible backlash fron the christian right.

So, Americans stay in the dark about these things.

Homosexuality is not unique to the human species.

I've seen this video too. I thought it was great (and so cute!)
I as well. The gay animal one has been on my favorites list for years.
A day at the zoo, specifically the primate exhibits, shows gay Monkeys and Chimps in repeated exhibition – with no inhibition. Homosexuality is prominent in many species and in all human cultures throughout history – it's part of the human biological condition. Native Americans considered homosexuals as people with 2 spirits and normal within their cultural context. The Greeks and Romans did not consider it to be an abomination (until they “found Jesus”). It seems only the Abrahamic religions have a cob up their ass over it.  

If someone is gay and religious, they either hate themselves, or they compartmentalize, or they belong to a non-fundamentalist group that plays up the "god is love" theme without paying attention to the bible.


I've met all three on the gay support forum I visit.

 i know a gay man who says his god made him this way.

He is even a southern babtist and a high school teacher. Very conserative and loves Rush Limbough.*rolls eyes*



I know the type. The Rush Limbaugh - right wing crap makes me madder than the religious nonsense.
Yikes! so much for my theory that gays must all be catholics :)

I would think most homosexual Christians would say that it is no worse a sin than many of the other sins that are explicitly condemned in the Old Testament, but still engaged in by self-proclaimed Christians. 


In chapter 18 of Leviticus, it says that lying with another man as with a woman is an abomination.  However, the same chapter also says talks about not having sex with women who are menstruating, not having sex with your neighbor's wife, not engaging in beastiality, etc.  It then goes on to say "You shall keep my statutes and ordinances and do none of these abominations" (Lev. 18-26).  Seems to me that it is calling all of these things abominations, not just homosexuality.


Another issue is that the Bible never explicitly says that two women engaging in sex is wrong.  It is always a man lying with another man, never a woman lying with another woman. 

This is a great point - as a lesbian I find it particularly entertaining! Of course, as we all know, the fundies only take things literally when it suits their whims. They are happy to extrapolate and reinterpret if it gives them a chance to tell other people what to do.




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