Gay and Bisexual Teens Twice as Likely to Get Pregnant

Watch christian heads explode when they see that headline.  And some atheists, too.

Gaystarnews, describing article from American Journal of Public Health.

"Overall, about 13% of straight girls and 14% of girls who only had male sex partners had been pregnant, compared to 23% of lesbian or bisexual girls and 20% of girls who had both male and female sex partners"

This is the from the report from Reuters.

About 10 percent of heterosexual males and those who only had female sexual partners experienced a pregnancy, compared to about 29 percent of gay or bisexual males and about 38 percent of males with female and male sexual partners....

The survey data also included students' responses to a question about ever having been forced to have sex against their will.

For boys, behavior also accounted for a significant part of the increased risk, Lindley said. But, "what was different for the boys is if they were ever forced to have sex, they were more likely to cause a pregnancy."

Link to American Journal of Public Health, although I could not link to the specific article.

Wait - gays reproducing faster than straights?

Wait - gay people have sex with the opposite sex?

Wait - boys can be forced to have sex?

Yes to all of the above.  Sexuality is not as simple as people like to promote and say.  Or maybe it is - this study was about teenagers, and when you have teenage raging hormones, any port in a storm.

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I agree with FT 31 on this, and you can add the fact that parents are constantly there to condemn their gay children to an end result of increasing the likelihood of it all happening. Overall this would mean that either sex could be equally involved. These kids haven't really "found themselves" sexually yet so anything can happen.

The best prevention I see is real sex education taught in schools. Do this from the beginning. Mom and dad never were good about teaching sex. All they did was echo what the church said at best, and nothing at the worst.

It does seem like a combination of abysmal sex "education" and teens desperate to become or prove themselves straight!

Every kid deserves, as Michael wrote, real sex education -- accurate, truthful, respectful, inclusive.

Just a few bits from Alice Dreger live-tweeting her son's abstinence-based "sex ed" class:

I feel like raising my hand and saying "Can I tell my sexual history, which involves a lot of pleasure before and during marriage?" And how I've had a lot of lovers and have never gotten pregnant by accident?

I would teach that sex should be pleasurable and respectful. He said, "WHAT ABOUT DISEASE PREVENTION?" I said that's part of respect, duh.

Teacher says to me "I agree that sex is good in a loving relationship." I said it can be plenty terrific without. He looked shocked. Shocked

I just want to grab all those kids after school and say HERE IS THE TRUTH. SEX FEELS GOOD. THAT'S WHY YOU SEEK IT. TAKE CARE & HAVE FUN.

(a reply) "Sex feels good. Emotions can and will get involved. Be kind to each other. Be safe. Be respectful." BOOM.

Those last two tweets sum it up. "All the rest is commentary. Go now, and study the commentary."


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