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Charlie - you can see that we care about you! We wish you only the best!

Yes, and for the best anal sex, be sure to use plenty of lube!
Hi Charlie - you do know you're banned, don't you? You've already made a huge fool of yourself on Reggie's show, you surely don't want to continue to display your ignorance here.

Everyone's heard your 'arguments' ad nauseum. Everyone knows they have no substance. You've been proven wrong countless times but you're too bigoted to admit it.

You have lost the respect of everyone in this community, your fellow atheist rappers, and every educated person who has heard you on the Infidel Guy or read your comments here or elsewhere.

You have made yourself a laughing stock. People are laughing at you Charlie because you have rejected every bit of credible evidence that disproves your bigoted viewed and aligned yourself with a bunch of lying right wing Christian propagandists. You have made yourself look ridiculous and sad.

You can keep blogging as much as you like - I note that you aren't finding any support for your blogs.

I hear that Reggie's chatroom was full of people laughing at how ridiculous you sounded on the show.

Charlie, I don't like to be mean to people. Really I don't. But it seems that nothing else will get through to you. Your argument has no credibility among people of education and reason. Every time you open your mouth you show your ignorance.

You think this stuff is promoting your music? Let me tell you, Charlie, in the unlikely event that you ever get signed, someone's going to leak all the stuff you've said to the record company and the media and your career's going to go down the toilet. Do you know how many powerful people in the recording industry are gay, Charlie? How do you think they're going to like what you said on The Infidel Guy. Your appearance was career suicide.

You have backed yourself into a corner and the only way out is to open your mind, shut your trap for a while, and actually listen to what someone who actually knows what they're talking about has to say. You're not entirely stupid, Charlie. You could learn. You could earn some respect. You could relaunch your career as an atheist rapper in what could be a really lucrative niche market if you stopped reading bogus propaganda about gay people and listened to the people who have actually offered to educate you. Brother Richard, Reggie and many others would still offer you help if you'd just be smart enough to ask.

Throughout this whole thing, you haven't found one intelligent person who agrees with anything you have to say. Not one. What does that tell you Charlie? You're barking up the wrong tree. You're wrong. Every bit of credible medical, sociological and scientific evidence proves it, but you don't want to know that. You don't even read the actual journal articles, do you? You rely on the 'interpretations' that suit your prejudice and don't care who they're from, or whether they represent the research properly.

Reach out Charlie. It's not too late. Instead of making yourself look 'macho' with your homophobic rantings, you're just convincing everyone that you're a closet gay. Most people are certain of it. You're not winning either way - either you're a bigoted homophobe, or you're that which you seem to hate most, a gay man too cowardly to admit it to yourself.

Neither of these things deserves respect, Charlie. A man who is big enough to admit he has been misled and who is intelligent enough to realize that sometimes the facts simply don't fit with our prejudices is someone to be respected. You could earn that respect. You could be a big man in the atheist community. Instead, all you are now is the butt of everyone's jokes.

Think about it Charlie.
You're full of shit, Charlie. You can't even get people to comment or give kudos on your blogs.

Anyone who listened to the Infidel Guy show heard you making a first class fool of yourself. Reggie muted you because you wouldn't fucking shut up and you rambled on and on and on for over an hour and could never actually make a point.

Your 'twin gay brother' comparison is ridiculous and only shows how completely irrational you are.

You did not start this on purpose and if you think anyone here believes you did, you are even more deluded than we thought.

You have said one true thing in your rant (above) - "There are Atheist who have my gay bashing songs on their myspace page."

Yes, you've caused a little controversy Charlie, but it will blow over and really soon you'll be yesterday's news and no-one will care about you or your hateful music. You're a small man, Charlie. A man who has so little confidence in his own male sexuality that you have to beat up on gays. Real men, with no issues about their own sexuality, have no issue with gays - they're not threatened by them. Those are the real masculine men. Don't you know that your homophobia just makes you look like a little sissy boy who's frightened that someone's going to 'turn him gay'?

The door is still open Charlie. We can arrange for you to sit down with someone who can show you the science on homosexuality and explain that you have been mislead and lied to. No-one has been offered more opportunities to learn and redeem yourself than you. No-one can say we didn't try.

Chuck: 4. Thanks to the infidel guy show and atheist nexus, I get over 100 views on my myspace blogs a day. Homos can't deny the truth regarding the research studies.

They're the kind of views equivalent to people who slow down to look at roadkill. If nothing else, there is freakshow amusement value. Given your obvious poularity, how come there isn't a single comment for any of your blog entries ? Not one. Surely there must be a single person somewhere who had something supportive to say ? Where are they all ?

2. I will be interviewed by someone who is doing a documentary on Atheism. My music will be featured in the documentary. (the producer produced one of the halloween movies) He opposes gay marriage by the way and loves my music. Take that haters

Surely you'd take this opportunity to impress us with who this is ? Why be shy ?

3. My Itune sells are in for the month of August. Thanks to YOUR free promotion, my atheist songs sold more than usual that month.

Translation: Chuck hit double figures. He's almost got enough now to buy that she-male pr0n dvd.

5. Since this controversy started, I get over 1000 plays on my myspace page a day,

Well, show us a screencap and prove it, because you're a filthy liar about everything else. Un-photoshopped.

Grubby little loser. Used your 15 minutes of fame up and all it got you was universal exposure as an idiot. Why are you here and howling the same old crap if you've made it so big ? The facts are, you've flushed yourself down the toilet and your life is pretty much over. And its all our fault.

Charlie Check'm wrote: check my myspace music player and look at the statistics. It's already up to 200 and it's still early.


Ding, dong, he's banned again!
I agree! Look at the success of so many openly gay people in the music industry. Elton John, Queen Latifa, KD Lang, Neil Patrick Harris (who hosted the Tony Awards this year), Lance Bass, Melissa Etheridge, Darren Hayes (of Savage Garden), Janis Ian, Long John Baldry, Cazwell, Marianne Faithfull, Missy Higgins, Lady Gaga - it doesn't seem to be doing their careers any harm being openly gay.

It's just not worth hiding, Charlie. Seek some counselling. You'll feel much better when you're honest with yourself and embrace your true sexuality. It seems it's obvious to everyone but you.
I know that Charlie is out there somewhere, suffering because his inner desire and his outer indoctrination are at war with each other. He needs help and understanding.

Seems like you've nailed him, Daniel.
Krusty: Charlie, I don't like to be mean to people.

I have no such inhibitions. Charlie, how are you going with that scientific study of THICK SKULLS ?



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