This clown has painted Leviticus 20:13 on his fence:

Anti-Gay Bible Verse on Fence Stirs Debate

CASPER, WY - An anti-gay bible verse painted on a Wyoming fence is causing a stir.

Chris Turnbull is defending his decision to paint part of a verse from Leviticus condemning homosexual behavior. He says the first amendment gives him the right to paint the Old Testament verse.

Turnbull also excuses his behaviour by saying:
"Those are the good Lord's words, not mine."

But let's see how much guts he's really got. Let's see him paint on his fence Leviticus 26:22 where god says he will send wild animals to kill all the children (the good lord's words not mine)

Or Leviticus 26:29 where god says he will make his chosen people so hungry they will eat their own children (the good Lord's words not mine).

Or Malachi 2:3 where god threatens to rub shit on the faces of his priests (the good Lord's words not mine).

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ROFL. This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.
Nonsense, think of the fallout. Now poisoned water supply, that's where real genocide is at.
Wyoming's too far for me to go vandalize his fence in the middle of the night. >.> It'd be awesome, though, to do one of the above quotes or any other one that would be offensive even to him.
It's just like the crazy guy who made a display of Jesus killing Santa Claus. It's his property, and at least you know who the assholes are.
If all gays go to Hell, then I know where all the best decorators are. =D Hell is going to be FAB-UUUU-LOUS!


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