This clown has painted Leviticus 20:13 on his fence:

Anti-Gay Bible Verse on Fence Stirs Debate

CASPER, WY - An anti-gay bible verse painted on a Wyoming fence is causing a stir.

Chris Turnbull is defending his decision to paint part of a verse from Leviticus condemning homosexual behavior. He says the first amendment gives him the right to paint the Old Testament verse.

Turnbull also excuses his behaviour by saying:
"Those are the good Lord's words, not mine."

But let's see how much guts he's really got. Let's see him paint on his fence Leviticus 26:22 where god says he will send wild animals to kill all the children (the good lord's words not mine)

Or Leviticus 26:29 where god says he will make his chosen people so hungry they will eat their own children (the good Lord's words not mine).

Or Malachi 2:3 where god threatens to rub shit on the faces of his priests (the good Lord's words not mine).

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ROFL. This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.
Wyoming's too far for me to go vandalize his fence in the middle of the night. >.> It'd be awesome, though, to do one of the above quotes or any other one that would be offensive even to him.
It's just like the crazy guy who made a display of Jesus killing Santa Claus. It's his property, and at least you know who the assholes are.
If all gays go to Hell, then I know where all the best decorators are. =D Hell is going to be FAB-UUUU-LOUS!




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