From that last bastion of family values, the AFA, comes a tale of gay cookies and moral turpitude. "Just Cookies" bakery shop owner David Stockton felt that making cookies for gays and lesbians to eat would "not set a good example for his two daughters." He refused to fill the order for rainbow cookies, and now he faces eviction from the city-run market where he has plied his wares for over 20 years.

To make rainbow cookies to would provide "a microphone for homosexuals to celebrate their lifestyle."

Really? A microphone? A rainbow cookie is a microphone?

If I lived in Indianapolis, I think I'd go down to the shop and ask for a dozen cookies with the "Scarlet A" symbol on them, or a set of trilobite cookies for Darwin Day. He should change his shop's name from "Just Cookies" to "Just Straight Christian Cookies". Anything else is false advertising.

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4. Getting one's panties in a wad over rainbow cookies is in itself, a whole other kind of 'gay.'
I vote for 4.
Yeah, I was thinking something like that. This isn't a poll, it's a rant.

#3: Any business owner risks their livelihood by not giving customers what they want, fools. It would be the same with anyone who limits their goods and/or services due to religious or nonreligious beliefs.
3. Business owners risk their livelihood by trying to live out their moral values

If your moral values are hatred, segregation, and a creepy obsession with other people's sex lives, then yes. You risk losing patrons on that basis.
I think #2 sounds like a damned good thing.
All of the AFA polls are set up that way. If you're not a raving fundamentalist, you don't get an option. Look back through their past polls and you'll see what I mean.
I love the idea of the trilobite cookies for Darwin Day. So cool! You could even have them make rainbow trilobite cookies for gay atheist day.

As for cookies being a microphone for homosexuals to celebrate their lifestyle, well that's correct. The purpose of the rainbow cookie IS to celebrate diversity including LGBTQ people. True, it's not an actual microphone, the metaphor is stupid. They should be webcams to celebrate their lifestyle.

I have a cookie press that makes little stars, christmas trees, even camels. I know what those cookies celebrate. It doesn't make genital anatomic cookies or trilobites. Maybe I should sue the manufacturer.
The purpose of the rainbow cookie IS to celebrate diversity including LGBTQ people.

What the heck is the Q? The only thing I can think of is already covered by the G.
Why add that onto the end, then? The G has that one covered.
Many long debates and countless terabytes have been devoted in many settings to this acronym. It's one of those aattempts to be inclusive. Arguments hve been many. There are people who regard "gay" as only related to men who have a same-gender orientation, therefore excluding bi people, Lesbians, and people who don't fit into other descriptions and labels regarding their sexuality can be grouped as "queer" . Not wanting to derail this discusson to far, and you might want to peruse some of the old discussions on the gay / LGBTQ nontheists and friends forum for further opinions.

My personal preference now regarding theists is to come up with a similar acronym, such as CMBHSAAMSW for christian muslim buddhist hindu scientologist azec animist mormon shinto wiccan. But I digress.
Actually, the Buddhists don't belong in that grouping. They're almost all atheists. It's just a couple of the smaller, more bizarre sects who worship Buddha as a deity.

And what about Scientologists? They don't consider Xenu a god or anything, do they? They're certainly woo, but an atheistic type of woo, like the Raëlians, from my understanding.


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