From that last bastion of family values, the AFA, comes a tale of gay cookies and moral turpitude. "Just Cookies" bakery shop owner David Stockton felt that making cookies for gays and lesbians to eat would "not set a good example for his two daughters." He refused to fill the order for rainbow cookies, and now he faces eviction from the city-run market where he has plied his wares for over 20 years.

To make rainbow cookies to would provide "a microphone for homosexuals to celebrate their lifestyle."

Really? A microphone? A rainbow cookie is a microphone?

If I lived in Indianapolis, I think I'd go down to the shop and ask for a dozen cookies with the "Scarlet A" symbol on them, or a set of trilobite cookies for Darwin Day. He should change his shop's name from "Just Cookies" to "Just Straight Christian Cookies". Anything else is false advertising.

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You demonstrated my point exactly. The arguing of who should be represented in the acronym, and where, and with what letter, has never ended, although it did alienate some supporters who got fed up with the nitpicking. I woul love for the religious to be burdened with the same form of inclusion wars. OK, change B to sbnaB (some but not all buddhists) and as for the scientologists I don't give a damn. Anyway, they are all religions, so they can all be in an awkward and unpronouncable acronym. Now have a cookie, please!
I woul love for the religious to be burdened with the same form of inclusion wars.

Dude, you think they're not? :-D

Fundigelicals think that Catholics are worshiping some Egyptian god, because they stole communion from one of the Egyptian ceremonies ... and that they're lead by the anti-Christ. Mormons split themselves off from everyone else and think that all other Christians are missing the 'later gospels'. The Catholics think that everyone else is an apostatical heretic, and pretty much everyone thinks the Jehovah's Witnesses and Pentecostals are nuts.
I thought it could also mean "questioning"?
Hmm, that would deserve its own letter, yeah.
I ate one of those rainbow cookies and the guy next door started to look pretty sweet. :>)
Is he a gingerbread man? You could try greeting him with "hey cookie, you're looking sweet and spicy" and see what he says.
Uh ..nope that didn't work out, After a couple of beers and a bowl he was just the butt ugly guy he's always been.
Okay, showing my age here, remember when the Rainbow Coalition meant people of all races?

i wonder if he ever thought gays may not want his cookie. Maybe there's nothing special about his cookie and they can find much better cookies elsewhere with more flavors to their liking.
I'm certain that at this point, the bakery's cookies are looking pretty un-tasty to a lot of folks.

And yeah, I remember the Rainbow Coalition. ;-)
There is also the Rainbow Gathering/Rainbow tribe, some type of all-inclusive hippie group. And the Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace ship.

Rainbows aren't exclusively a gay thing. I wonder what his reaction would have been if the person hadn't said it's for national coming out day. Probably the same, though.
Don't forget Rainbow Brite. Yes, I am dating myself.
Dating yourself ... kinky. You have a clone?


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