From that last bastion of family values, the AFA, comes a tale of gay cookies and moral turpitude. "Just Cookies" bakery shop owner David Stockton felt that making cookies for gays and lesbians to eat would "not set a good example for his two daughters." He refused to fill the order for rainbow cookies, and now he faces eviction from the city-run market where he has plied his wares for over 20 years.

To make rainbow cookies to would provide "a microphone for homosexuals to celebrate their lifestyle."

Really? A microphone? A rainbow cookie is a microphone?

If I lived in Indianapolis, I think I'd go down to the shop and ask for a dozen cookies with the "Scarlet A" symbol on them, or a set of trilobite cookies for Darwin Day. He should change his shop's name from "Just Cookies" to "Just Straight Christian Cookies". Anything else is false advertising.

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Does he have any theories about whether the gay foods cause "the gay"?

I imagine there are varying degrees. E.g.; rainbow cookies make you bi, but rainbow cupcakes make you full-on gay.
I had a cupcake with coconut on top today.
Does that mean that I will have an overwhelming urge to quit manscaping, or that I will develop an overwhelming urge to find the bear of my dreams?
Maybe both?
I think this might be turning into food divination!


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