"gay detection" tests go live? in Arab/Gulf .. cult.. estates? .. sheeesh. Aryan nutters...

IBTimes.co.uk 'Gay Detector' Will Prevent Gays from Entering Gulf States The Jewish Press-8 hours ago Most New Yorkers have heard the expression “gay-dar,” which refers to someone's ability to determine whether another person is gay and ... Kuwait to Conduct Gay Tests to 'Detect and Ban' Homosexuals from ... IBTimes.co.uk-9 hours ago Kuwait's Gaydar: Gulf States Develop Medical Screening Tool For ... Medical Daily-6 hours ago Kuwait Hatching Plan to “Detect Gays,” Bar Them From Entering ... Blog-Slate Magazine (blog)-19 hours ago Russia's in on that game.. aye? shiiit waste of time!

Qatar 2022: Gulf States 'Gay Tests' Trigger World Cup Boycott Call

IBTimes.co.uk-7 hours ago
A leading London-based LGBT campaigner has called on FIFA to cancel the 2022 World Cup in Qatar over reports that Gulf Cooperation ...

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The boycott sounds reasonable to me.

More immediately, why aren't we hearing more about boycotting the 2014 Olympics, or moving them from Sochi?

(from Memeographs)

Moving the games from Sochi is impractical.  Any other site which would take the games would have to gear up for them on exceptionally short notice (a handful of months!), clear the facilities to be used and reschedule events for those facilities which may already be in the queue, never mind get the financial backing to make the games happen successfully.  This isn't moving chess pieces; it's several million dollars of investment, hundreds of thousands of people, and nightmarish logistics, and I'm probably understating the situation at that.

Yes, I would love to see Putin spanked for his crap, see the games taken away from him and sanctions put on Russia so long as their homophobic bullshit remains on their books.  If someone had a $1 billion to toss around and an appropriate venue to relocate the 2014 Winter Olympics, I'd say, "Terrific."

And right after that, I'd order my Ferrari California ... in RED, of course.

How about to Vancouver, which hosted the games in 2010?

Ask Vancouver.  Have their dorms and sports venues been retasked?  Do they have other events on the books?  Is the city of Vancouver willing to deal with this sudden and considerable disruption, profits from the games notwithstanding?  And who pays for all of this?  I haven't even mentioned the legal aspects, especially suits which would almost certainly be filed by the Sochi organizers.  Breach of contract at the head of the class, and doubtless not alone on the docket.

None of this is trivial, GC, not remotely so, and certainly not in a three to four month time frame.  Pardon me if I take the adversarial posture here, but I'm a practical man.  I have to think practically about this.

TSA might have a new travel detector you pass through to see if you are gay. Russia might get one before our airports do.

I once had a neighbor with an 8 year old boy, and the boy kept on asking his mother if this or that person was gay, asking her this in public. Bizarre as it sounds, this behavior is caused by the adult saying things like "that's gay" or maybe "he's gay."

Learn how to speak properly. The "clicke" you think you are in is only hurting your kids.

Getting back to the issue of the World Cup in Qatar, canceling their bid for that event is both proper and practical, as it is nearly 10 years before it happens. In addition, FIFA should publicly announce that any future World Cup events would not be held in any country where discrimination by race, creed, color or sexual orientation were in force.  If muslim countries protest, they can suck a root for all of me.

I find it interesting that popular sports such as soccer (football) may be a mechanism whereby this kind of discrimination gets called out and exposed.  I'm all for it.




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