Of all the arguments against homosexuality its supposed unnaturality is the most idiotic. Who is to say what is “natural”? If it can be done, it has to be natural. That is the definition of “natural.” Why is it that when homophobes want to put gays down, they call being gay “unnatural,” yet they insist that gays can “change” since being gay is a matter solely of nurture? The only possible answer is that the homophobes excuse their fear by reference to scripture. Nothing's right or wrong but thinking makes it so. God condemns homosexuality in Leviticus but has no problem with Lot impregnating his own daughters after the destruction of the Cities on the Plain.

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I always did think that was really sicko.
My best friend (who happens to be straight) is in Tampa right now at a seminar. She overheard some other attendees talking about gays, and the following things were said...

Why do gay men like to be feminine and gay women like to be masculine? Seems like gay men and women could partner up because one could play the man and one could play the woman.


It is 2010 and people are still obsessed with gender roles!

Another fellow added, "Hell no, homos shouldn't have rights. If I have sex with a monkey, does it have rights?"

Clearly, this makes no sense. My bff laid into them, Julia Sugarbaker style.

Now what we need is this same attitude, on a prime-time TV show (preferably a comedy - liable to have more impact) wherein some right-thinking, right-wing homophobic hotshot gets the pins utterly knocked out from under him/her ... by a straight or gay person, I don't know that it matters. What it needs to be though is a first-class bitch-slapping which takes no prisoners and leaves no doubt.

Hear me, Hollywood? I'm waiting!
Well, in the meanwhile, we have Glee. If yall aren't watching this you are missing out. I find it fagtacular.

Thank you for showing me what I had missed. I rarely watch series shows on TV, but I make exceptions; I think this will be one.
I thought there was somethign almost Hitchockian about the way that was filmed.

Everyone in the room moving but him who is the focus of that attention and adoration.
Why do gay men like to be feminine and gay women like to be masculine? Seems like gay men and women could partner up because one could play the man and one could play the woman.

Surprising that these people were in support of men and women being the "opposite" of their gender role--even though they were still trying to make gay women and men hook up.

I'm remembering that scene in Queer as Folk when Emmett tries to go straight and him and a lesbian try to hook up, each of them getting through it by fantasizing about someone of the same sex...
Well, the effeminate gay male and butch lesbian are both stereotypes dreamed up by these bigots based upon their limited exposure to gays and lesbians, rumor, urban legend, and nocturnal nightmares (gays and lesbians as incubi and succubi and vice-versa: Jewish myth actually taught that Adam's first wife and the devil Samael would steal male babies in the dead of night). If most of them got to know gay couples they would see that they have more in common with them than differences. But the stereotypes are also bigots' means of marginalizing minorities, the same response they had to Kinsey's finding that at any given time, as many as 10% of the population is gay. Those who believe being gay is a choice claim the actual number is 3%, but they obviously forgot to count the Larry ("I have a wide stance") Craig types who cannot admit they're gay. As the Buddhists say, categories are inherently problematic.

But they are not just stereotypes!

Though they may not be typical, they (cross gender styles) EXIST. I don't think Gays and Lesbians should be supportive of gender bias. We should be above that. We should not be marginalizing feminine men or masculine women because we think they are bad for public relations. I'M FOR THE RIGHT TO BE DIFFERENT, not just gay and "normal"! "As the Buddhists say, categories are inherently problematic." Yes. Remember that. It shouldn't matter when we consider people for their character, dignity and humanity.  PS. I've known a  few drag queens in my time who were great people and I never felt embarrassed by them! - Gary

I have always been told that straight men fear most not the effeminate gay male but the masculine, "butch" one, who they (sometimes wrongly) assume is the one most likely to butt fuck them.

I agree. It shouldn't even matter whether someone is feminine or masculine. What matters is character, a term that seems to have gone out of usage. - Gary


I can't stand it when homos can't get past gender bias.  In my book, sissy fags are the heros.  They take the brunt of abuse so the rest of us don't have to, and they are just being themselves.  That takes courage.




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