Gay marriage is now legal in Iowa (my own beloved state). How do we, as an atheist community, feel about that?

Personally I say, Go Iowa! You finally did something right.

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The Vermont state legislature overrode the veto. It is now legal in Vermont, too. That's four down ,46 to go. And we'll find out ninety days from March 5 what California will do.
A major point of pride for me is being from Massachusetts which was (as we know) the first state to make gay marriage legal. We now have four out of six New England states with either same sex marriage or civil union protection. Go New England!! Two more states to go!
Agreed! WooHoo! :O)
I think people should be able to do whatever they wish, so long as they are not harming others or infringing upon others' rights. I don't see how two persons of the same gender getting married harms others in any way.

What exactly is this "sanctity" of marriage that Christians speak of? Atheists get married all the time. You'd think we'd be more of a threat to the "sanctity" of marriage than a homosexual couple. And what about the fact that between a quarter and a third of all marriages (including Christian marriages) end in divorce?
That's basically my entire outlook on life.

I get a lot of talk about "protecting" the family, too. Yes, let's protect those little orphans. Better to let them rot in an orphanage than be raised by fag parents... (Not that gay marriage laws can prevent gay adoption anyways)....

That was sarcasm, by the way. People tend to take me seriously. Silly people.
In my opinion the prevention of gay marriage is a church state violation.

The reason we have rights in this country is so that the minority isn't subject to the whims of the majority. Marriage grants a certain set of rights designed to protect the interests of both parties should something happen. It's not just a label that same sex couples are being denied, its a set of rights. If we want to run around bragging about freedom and equality in this country, marriage equality shouldn't be up for vote, it should simply be granted.
I couldn't agree with you more, great reply.
I would prefer the term 'marriage' be done away with as it is a religious institution. 'Civil union' should be the term for all legal partnerships. But if 'marriage' must be used, then I think gay, straight, and poly relationships should all have access to the legal benefits.
I've argued before that the legal partnership between two persons should be called a "civil union" and that "marriage" should be a strictly a religious ceremony as the joining of two souls or whatever. However, I've had atheists say this is unacceptable because they can't get "married". For some reason, some atheists are hung-up on the term "marriage". I guess it is too radical a paradigm shift for them to accept.
I agree as long as the Civil Union has all the same rights that a marriage grants.

I am currious as to what you would say instead of being married? I don't like the sound of unionized. I always like the sound of life partners myself.
At a gay rights protest in Salt Lake, we had people chanting "Shame on you". It was literally their chant. And they'd scream that we were going to hell. How can anyone that teaches mercy and love behave that way? The irony was, we protesters were more than amiable, people were screaming back "I forgive you" or "I love you too" and thanking the officers that came to supervise. If Christians can't support gay rights, can't they at least accept gay people?




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