Gay marriage is now legal in Iowa (my own beloved state). How do we, as an atheist community, feel about that?

Personally I say, Go Iowa! You finally did something right.

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Ban against gay marriage seems to be rooted in religious beliefs. I don't see how an atheist could be opposed.

But sometimes social ideas are not closely examined, but insted held for irrational reasons.
I'm all for it...I'm sick of religious people trying to run everyone else's lives.
i'm happy that taxpaying citizens will no longer be denied a public service. which is all it really is.
I'm looking forward to NY state doing it soon. Recent reports indicates there's enough votes in the legislature.
I have yet to meet a homophobe whose fear/hatred/insecurity wasn't based in religion.

Being heterosexual, I can not fathom how someone else being gay is supposed to threaten me.
Living in an effectively post-Christian country, although still de-facto Christian, I have to say an awful lot of homophobia is cultural rather than specifically religious. There is a very high proportion of people who having been brought up with with no real knowledge of the Bible or any particular domination who detest homosexuals, simply because it was what they were taught as children by people who weren't really believers but just followed the cultural norms of their time. I know many people who claim to hate gays (mostly over 50 or in the lower social-economic groupings) but cannot give any reason beyond that it was what they were taught or "it's just not natural". Trying to point out that homosexuality has been observed in over 1,500 species doesn't seem to register with these people.

Advances in gay rights have certainly been made here in the UK and civil partnerships are now recognised. However, in terms of equality one needs to look at the meaning of the word marriage. If it is to be defined legally it needs to apply to all people equally in order for the law to be just. If it is to be defined religiously then who cares what the definition is unless they are a member of said religious grouping?

Marriage needs to be defined as either an exclusively legal institution, in which case religions should have no say over who can get married beyond who can use the facilities they own, or it should be an exclusively religious institution, where upon no legal benefits are conferred on the happy couple whatsoever, unless they choose to have a separate civil partnership arrangement.

One would have thought that this would have been a no-brainier in the US with your beautiful Jeffersonian wall but it sadly seems not.

I do think within the next 20 to 30 years marriage laws in the UK will become equalised between hetro and homo and am encouraged by what I have read about Iowa having historically been a trailblazer state in terms of women's rights and manumission.

I may be wrong, but the glass does seem to be very slightly more full than empty...
I was very proud to be a best man at a lesbian wedding a couple of weekends ago. I'm a gay enabler! Yay!
I was talking to this female friend of mine and I was joking around and I said "I love you so much, I would marry you."

and I paused for minute.

"Oh my god, kate!" I screamed "we could totally get married... Legally!" It was a moment of reality hitting me in the most awesome way possible.

She was like "Yay! You're right! High five!"
Good, Good. Once we get this Gay marriage thing knocked out, We can begin petitioning for our right to eat babies.
I'm not sure what to make of this comment.
Haven't you ever heard a conservative television pundit before? Step 1= Give Homosexuals equal rights. Step 2 = Eat Babies. It's a logical progression no?
Erm yeah I actualy bite the heads off squirels and dance around naked when the moon is full, does that count?l




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