Gay marriage is now legal in Iowa (my own beloved state). How do we, as an atheist community, feel about that?

Personally I say, Go Iowa! You finally did something right.

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Gays got a right to be miserable, unhappily married, and get divorced just like the rest of the population. Personally, I'd like to see bigamy made legal. Marriage aint nothing but a contract between conseting parties and thats all it ever should be. Love and family all of that you have without getting married.
You know, if prop 8 failed, I doubt that marriage would have been something that I would be involved in for reasons you said.
Ban against gay marriage IS rooted in religious beliefs ;-)
I'm from Canada, it's legal here, too.
Gay rights are fine by me. I'm sure there are atheists out there somewhere who disapprove but I'm not one of them.
Indeed saying one is atheist isn't saying anything at all really, and I am also unfortunately sure of atheists disapproval of gay marriage, but their lose.

Show me a gay who will steal my shoes because they look better than his.
Show me a gay who starts wars, for any reason.
And so on.

Although ones sexual preference and orientation doesn't make up a moral code, I think gays might be more tolerant than most people in society, just my crazy thinking.

No one is forcing me to like a particular sex, why should I care?

Its about civil rights, and finally some politicians are being civil about it. Most states will follow soon, or at least they should.
I Agree. I am in southern California and was very dissapointed in Prop 8. I am happy for Iowa.
As someone who has been the object of obsession for a Gay man I can understand how homosexuality can make straight people feel uncomfortable without religious reasoning. Still the fact remains that gay men and women are people just like everyone else. They are as fallible as the rest of us, they deserve equal rights and equal opportunities. Even if you have a bad experience like I have, don't persecute others for the acts of one or a few.
I live in Maine, and I went to the hearing for the legislators on the Gay Marriage bill that came up a few weeks ago, and supporters and opposers of the bill each had a chance to speak. I was there from 9am to 4:30pm and I really can't even count the number of times I heard, "I'm not here to share my opinion. I'm speaking for God." I'm not even kidding.

You had to register beforehand to speak, but I wanted so badly to walk up to the podium and be like, "That's so strange, because I live in a country where there's a separation of Church and State. I couldn't care less what your god has to say about other people getting married."

Anyway, the story ends with the Governor signing the bill after the legislators passed it. They're working on a people's veto, but it's a small victory for the cause, I s'pose.
The nice thing about being an atheist is that you don't need to ask other atheists how "we" feel about anything. That being said, I assume that you were just being silly, and I am delighted that we are making progress as a nation.




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