THe Nigerian president signed a new antigay law into place, there is a report of a gay purge.

"Dozens arrested"...  

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Police, working off a list of 168 suspects purportedly obtained through torture, are arresting dozens of gay men in Nigeria's northern Bauchi state, human rights activists said Tuesday.

I don't know the veracity of the website.  The article has an AP byline.

On Monday, President Goodluck Jonathan's office confirmed that the Nigerian leader signed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act that criminalizes gay marriage, gay organizations and anyone working with or promoting them.

In Bauchi state, police entrapped four gay men and tortured them into naming others, Aken'Ova said. She said the police have drawn up a list of 168 wanted gay men, of whom 38 have been arrested in recent weeks.

It is not an exaggeration to state that American Evangelicals support this law, and have lobbied for similar laws in Russia, parts of the former USSR, and Africa. 

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Sadly, this crap is going on, one way or the other, all over Africa.  This deserves news coverage and it should be called what it is:


Given funding by American Evangelicals, especially in Uganda, coupled with Muslim homophobia, this law doesn't surprise me. Saddens me, but doesn't surprise me. I wonder if the right wing religious bigots here in the US have any idea they're working hand in hand with radical Islamist groups? I seriously doubt it. Although, if they do know, they probably justify it with the idea that, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." I wonder when each side of this mixed religious marriage, presided over by Satan (It's a metaphor!), will realize the enemy of their enemy is actually their enemy, too? Once they decimate the gay population they can turn on each other with machetes and guns in the solid belief that their god has a bigger dick than the other side's.

The species I belong to amazes me.  We can send a craft into interstellar space, and still govern societies by bronzed age, barbaric, tribal ignorance, superstition and hatred.

I've read many times about strife in NIgeria between muslims and christians.   This from last year - Religious war possible...    "As many as 1,700 people, Muslims and Christians, have been killed in the bloodletting triggered by Islamists who increasingly appear to have links with al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, the main jihadist organization in North Africa."

Much of Africa seems like a lost cause.  Fortunately, we have the Middle East and Muslim countries to make Africa look less bad in comparison.

I think it's all modern tribalism.  I don't mean the word in the old sense of a tribe as a small band of indigenous peoples somewhere, but rather there is "us" and there is "them" and as long as "them" can be demonized, scapegoated, and used to satisfy bloodlust, "us" won't turn against our "big man" - sometimes "big woman" - who can then stay in power and rake in the goods.

Then, there's always the Central African Republic.

Oy ... vey ist mir...

None of this sad treatment ever changes anything. Strangely, the wife and I were watching "Dallas Buyers Club" last night and it concerned early HIV and AIDS in America. Not on DVD yet, this is a pretty fair movie. Then my wife looks at me and says "we have no gays in Kenya." I thought immediately of sending her to vacation with Ahmadinejad in Iran. That's what he said once also when he was president there.

I am amazed at the ignorance in the world. If you torture me to have me name gay men, I might name anyone. How the hell would I know, even if I was gay? Just don't beat me and I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Kenya is highly homophobic.  I think we don't hear about it much because it has so much regional competition in homophobia it almost looks peaceful.  But it's not.  wikipedia.  They also had a rumored entrapment and selling of gay Kenyans to rich Arabs as sex slaves.  I don't know if that turned out to be true, or was another false story going around the web.  Kenya is there with Camaroon, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, and other African countries as persecuting, often to jail or death, their own citizens for being gay.  Which they couldn't do if there were no gays there.  Then again, in some of those countries they kill albinos and unwanted children as "witches".  I think the main reason we don't hear about those activities in some other countries is they are at constant internal war, and too busy killing each other to notice they have gays amongst them.

30 years ago I lived in Indiana, if you can call it "lived".  I was fortunate to be a university student instead of a local.  Local gay men often met furtively in darkened roadsides and other risky, secluded places at night, for their only chance to be with another man.  Police would troll those areas, pose as gay men, entrap them, and arrest.  The result was names in the newspaper, beatings, social shunning, ridicule, career destruction and in isolated cases, murder.  When I left, police had been infiltrating the gay community, not just in those secluded places, and I wondered if I would be next.  I was active in a gay organization that met, of all places, in a church.  I hated Indiana.

Anyo gay person who was not somehow "tied" to that area by family, obligations, or lack of opportunity, left.  I imagine there were thousands of similar places across much of the USA, especially the midwest and south.  The persecution was real.  In the course of history, 30 years is not a long time.  There are loud, persistent voices in the US promoting a return to the days of persecution, even though the country is far from achieving equality now.  The US is not that different from how Africa behaves against Africans.

Horrible!  Wish I could still use the word evil.

You can use the word evil.  It doesn't take a god to have evil.

Thanks for the approval Daniel.  I've always used the word evil too freely, so am trying to use it only when it applies.  Sadly, it applies too often, like with these atrocities.

The US should grant those on the list political asylum.

Ruth, that's not about to happen. Over half of the members of Congress are homophobic, racist members of the Tea Party. Hate mongering, anti-freedom Americans draping themselves in the flag of Liberty. Who, after all, do you think is promoting and funding the push to have African gays imprisoned, beaten, tortured, and executed? The very same people in Congress who decide immigration issues. 


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