Clint McCance is the vice president of the Midland Arkansas School Board. He's also one of those Christians who hate the sin AND the sinner. So when the LGBT community announced they were going to have a "Spirit Day" to honor the six recent teenaged LGBT suicide victims, McCance went ballistic... on Facebook.


Here's what resulted.



            the "sinners"


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Two reasons he should resign:

1. His WBC-worthy homophobia.

2. The Vice President of the school board, and he says "thereself"?! I'm almost as offended by his poor English as I am by his prejudice.

Oh wait, but he suddenly apologized and changed his mind when everybody found out what he wrote. That's definitely believable.
If he's sincerely remorseful over what he said, I'm the fucking queen of Mars. People say stupid things all the time when they're not thinking, but something that hateful and apalling isn't a mere slip of the tongue (or I guess finger), it can only be a representation of what he actually believes. And since this is America, he has a right to believe it, but he has absolutely no business making policies that effect children. Bigots have no place being public officals at all, because they lack the ability to work for the good of ALL citizens.
I cheered this morning when I saw that from HRC's status on facebook.
Clint McCance is a lyin' piece of shit.. He's just trying to cover his mangy redneck ass.. 60% of the people in Arkansas have the same warped sense of values as this sorry bastard. But, I must say that he loves to fish..
It's not just Arkansas, though. It's the same b.s. I hear spewing from my dad's father's mouth.
I totally agree with you.. It's not Arkansas alone but all the states where fundamentalism has a heavy following. Most of the people around this part of Tx. don't overtly show their racism but it is simmering just below the surface..




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