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Love your response booklover! They are morons. Always pointing the finger at someone.

Just took a quick peek at this trailer trash minister's web site. Now, I actually do get the strident homophobia brought on by their perverse view of human sexual relations, coupled with ancient and barbaric superstitions. Examples abound, from Jerry "I'm Still Dead" Falwell outing the purple Teletubbie, to Pat "Bat Shit" Robertson blaming 9/11 on gays, to Ted "I Snort Meth" Haggard blaming the world's ills on a "homosexual agenda" while banging male hookers. Honestly, this no more surprises  me than it would to find delusional people in a schizophrenic ward at a mental hospital.

Here's what I don't get (and, admittedly, this is slightly off point). You look at this guy's web site, along with several others of his slimy ilk, and they all loudly and proudly proclaim their support for the State of Israel, and Jewish repatriation, which will bring the 2nd coming of the cosmic jewish zombie. However, when the zombie does return, everyone is supposed to convert to christianity. If not, the Jews whom these assholes purport to support, and who remain steadfast to their religion, are slaughtered and thrown into the fiery and everlasting furnace; reminiscent of mid-20th century Europe. So much for "unqualified" support.

Fundamentalist ideas are fundamentally idiotic. Period. 

This weirdo's god must have really, really crappy aim.  To hit a few hundred, even thousand, gays and gay sympathizers he has to demolish small island countries and the Eastern seaboard?  I guess this god grew up before there were schools and never learned geography.  Or compassion.  Does he think painting a god in this way will draw followers?  Maybe followers who are as nutty as he is?

"This weirdo's god must have really, really crappy aim."

Kill 'em all let God sort 'em out.... oh, wait...

 He was at his prime when he dictated than 95% of the Western Hemisphere people be wiped out by the far superior white Christian Europeans - because they worshipped funny looking gods rather than the blond, blue eyed Prince of Peace.

Sorry, not buying it.  There have been no asteroid strikes in the entire 6,000 year history of the Earth.  The dinosaurs died in the great flood.

I think we were asking for trouble with the name Sandy... could be male or female. God don't like that.

I'm not even surprised anymore. :|

He probably just wants to preempt Robertson, steal his thunder, so to speak.

Along these same lines, when the "Big One" hits San Francisco (IF it ever does!), I expect the same brand of comments - Ohhh, it's all those nasty gays in the Castro District!  [groan!]

Yeah I thought someone was going to get blamed.




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