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Hiram, you beat us to it!  Disasters ALWAYS bring out the homophobic crackpots;

I wonder if in the Civil Rights era, the crackpots blamed natural disasters on racial equality?

For the next disaster, we should start a pool.  Whoever is the first to report on a christian dumbfuck blaming the disaster on gays, wins a prize!

Count me in SB. And, from the "Amazing Karnak" crystal ball (with apologies to the late Johnny Carson), I predict the following if the President is re-elected. Some dumbfuck (as you aptly put it) evangelical minister will blame it on god's wrath, homosexual agenda, and/or libertine women with their fancy and godless birth control. And, that end times will be upon us, along with wailing and gnashing of teeth, great tribulations, the apocalypse, plagues, famines, disasters, and athlete's foot. And all because we have chosen a Kenyan born Muslim dictator instead of a "hold your nose" Mormon who at least somewhat believes in Jesus.


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