Sorry for the self serving post, but I just feel the need to commemorate this milestone and I don't know who else to tell.   On my blog, The Blessed Atheist Bible Study, I have just finished my Skeptical take on Genesis.  I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's been 48 separate posts, about 60000 words of writing and nearly two months of time.  

Whew!  I feel great.  One book down, 65 left.  I have years of work ahead of me.  On to exodus!

Thanks for listening.

The Blessed Atheist Bible Study @

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I'm favoriting your website. I bet there's a bunch of zingers I could learn from your insight that will leave theists scratching their heads, or resorting to their well-known battle-cry, "you've taken it out of context!"
Oh, and congratulations!
You have a long road ahead, good luck! I'm definatly checking out your blog.
A less tedious way of getting through Genesis would be R. Crumb's book. The Illustrated Book of Genesis. It's word for word and profusely illustrated. When seen from Crumb's point of view it's hilarious. The illustrations make the absurdities stand out in all their bewildering stupidity.




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