Alien (1979)

Heresy! Blasphemy! Doesn't everyone like this movie? I didn't. If a film is going to scare me, it has to make me believe what's going on in order to set me up for a good fright. I stopped believing in the plot and characters of Alien very quickly. Some of my issues:

o Nostromo is a deep-space ore ship? Did we use up all the minerals on the moon and in the asteroids?

o What's the safest way for non-explorers to investigate something on an unfamiliar, hostile planet? You all get into the shuttlecraft and crash on the surface, leaving no one back on the ship except the cat. Brilliant.

o Speaking of the cat, could someone tell me how he closed himself in that small locker so that he could jump out and scare the crewman? Do cats evolve thumbs and sense of humor in the future?

o The final scene aboard the escape shuttle is a real puzzler. Apparently a well-designed shuttle contains an assortment of poisonous gases that you can easily release into the passenger compartment...just in case.

I really wanted to like this movie; it remains a visual wonder. But I left the theater that day feeling cheated. I think we're all accustomed to cutting film-makers a bit of slack, but there were just too many times during this movie when I thought, "Oh, come one!" One faux pas was not fatal, but together they ruined the movie for me.

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Must agree with many. To start off, I never see a movie that I've read the book, it's bound to disappoint. Conversely, of all the good movies, a vast majority are based on pretty good books, I often use those movies as reading list inspirations.

-Alien I, was OK, but it's II that rocked my boat, I was glued to that movie seat every muscle tensed!
-LoTR all, never read Tolkien and had no interest, then completely disliked the entire storyline of the films, I was more of a Clan of the Cave Bear type of gal (Book, not movie)
-Napoleon Dynamite, absolutely hated the whole thing except for the flight of the steak scene
-Sasha BC, agreed, horrible

I'll one plus category that I didn't see mentioned: 40 y/o virgin, can't stand the guy, nor the style

Vampire movies, so so, not scary enough for my liking, I'm pretty immune to supernatural fear :) However, to this day have a hard time watching The Birds. Of course normal birds wouldn't do this, but what about some mad cow crossover that would make birds crazy, some genetic anomaly, birds en masse could do harm. My other scariest movie was Cujo, I find King quite effective as shivers, I also like his Christine, oh and what about that other odd ball The Duel... oooh.

Speaking of Vampires, Ann Rice was so popular back then, I read a couple of her books after Chronicles and enjoyed her writing style, especially Feast of All Saints, but waaaachhhhhh, she had to go and flip t to religion on us, eweuwwwwww!
I'm with you on "Forty Year Old Virgin." Most any movie of that genre; stupid, predictable, no-IQ, toilet humor for supposed grown-ups. Sooooo not the comedy I'm into.

Vampire movies - I don't know of any that really scared me, but I love them. For me, it's the mysticism and romance aspect I like. At least until "Twilight" came along. Sorry, I like my Vamps hot and manly like in "True Blood." Robert Pattinson looks great in real life ... so what's up with making him look like a 12 year old girl with the wrong color lipstick in "Twilight?"

Make that, a 12 year old girl with the wrong color lipstick and looks like he's perpetually on the verge of crying. I watched the second movie (boredom) ... spent most of it thankful that Edward had little screen time and wanting to ravage the hot Indian werewolf guys.

The Birds: Alfred Hitchcock rules. Best part of that film wasn't during the film, but the next day, in the car, at a stoplight. A huge crow swooped down in front of me and I think the whole intersection heard me scream in fright. Awesome.
I have my own "What do you mean you didn't like it?!?" movie: The Hangover. I made the mistake of PPV'ing it a couple of weeks ago and regretted it. Unfortunately, there were people of varying ages that loved this movie. 'It is the funniest movie I've seen in years!', I was told repeatedly. I'd rather watch Blues Brothers 2000 on a 24-hour marathon.
In all honesty, I probably let out one-"Ha!" laughs about 6 or 7 times throughout the movie. Never anything more than that, though.
The Blues Brothers 2000 has one redeeming virtue: ITS MUSIC!!! You could almost argue that the whole flick is worth hearing "The Louisiana Gator Boys" playing "How Blue Can You Get!"
True, but they could have saved me the time and just released the CD. That way I wouldn't have sat through it to watch let's pass off our blues band to a country/western audience and "Parking the car sideways in front of the club eight gajillion times" scenes.

I have the cd, of course.




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