Does anybody believe the National Geographic interview is anything but another dog and pony show? This clown has had 10 years to prepare for this. Over the years more and more and more stupidity, greed and hypocrisy has issued from this man's lips. His obfuscations, hypocrisy and outright lies have so divided this country that he has accomplished more than the so-called terrorists could ever hoped to accomplish on their own. With the help of Carl Rove, Dick Cheney, faux news and the ignorance of the American public Bush and his cronies have gotten rich and powerful. this is been accomplished through fear and hate mongering. I find it particularly disgusting that they have achieved their goals with the blood of all the people that have died on 9/11 and all the wars space since. I am also disgusted by the spineless Democrats who have not prosecuted any of this crowd for treason and crimes against humanity.

Sorry to rant on like this but these people, not people, but animals actually breathe the same air I do.

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