Georgia's trying to back-door us into advocating religion on our cars.

If you haven't heard, there's a contest at the Georgia Department of Revenue for the next Georgia License plate design. Three out of the eight potential designs feature the words "In God We Trust."

There's also a tricky statistical maneuver being pulled here. There are eight plates, three of which will appeal to the majority of Christians -- including lots of "moderates" who would "never infringe on our rights as non-believers," but who will still be likely to endorse a religious plate. Believers outnumber nonbelievers by at least 7 or 8 to one in Georgia, so even with a split religious vote, the likelihood of a God Plate being voted in is very high. After all, us unorganized non-believers will split our minority vote between five models.

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Someone in the Georgia Department of Revenue has been visiting non-believer blogs and knows we quibble over petty details. Divide and conquers works.

This week a Republican state senator introduced a bill that would put "In God We Trust" on all Georgia license plates. Motorists could buy a county decal sticker to cover it up. This would reverse the current situation, where Georgia plates have county names but motorists can buy an "In God We Trust" sticker for $1.


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