Rape of Belgium
The Rape of Belgium was the German mistreatment of civilians during the invasion and subsequent occupation of Belgium during World War I. The term initially had a propaganda use but recent historiography confirms its reality.[1] One modern author uses it more narrowly to describe a series of German war crimes in the opening months of the war (August–September 1914).[2]

The neutrality of Belgium had been guaranteed by the Treaty of London (1839), which had been signed by Prussia. However, the German Schlieffen Plan required that German armed forces violate Belgium’s neutrality in order to outflank the French Army, concentrated in eastern France. The German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg dismissed the treaty of 1839 as a "scrap of paper".[3] Throughout the beginning of the war, the German army engaged in numerous atrocities against the civilian population of Belgium, including the destruction of civilian property; 6,000 Belgians were killed, and 17,700 died during expulsion, deportation, imprisonment, or a death sentence by court.[4] 25,000 homes and other buildings in 837 communities were destroyed in 1914 alone, and 1.5 million Belgians (20% of the entire population) fled from the invading German army.[5]:13
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   I think in just about any wars you read about there is a high civilian causalities rate than an army.... mostly the women and children. The Russians raped and killed the German women and children and the Poland massacres, The Nazi extermination camps, the British carpet bombings of civilian German cities, the Americans carpet bombings of French cities, Japanese rape and tortures of Nanjing civilians, and in the ancient wars the any civilians captured were either killed or became slaves, even the Bible mentions numerous times to kill civilians or capture them as slaves. The slaughter of American Indians, the indiscriminate napalm bombings in Vietnam, and the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields the Americans left defenseless. 


The list is endless and still added to.




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