This stone head is in front of the city hall entrance, It says:"Du Land unterm Kreuz" which means: You (Germany) is a land under the cross. it just doesn't get more exclusionary than this so Germany is a land united under the cross, not law or constitution. and this excludes Jews, Atheists, and Muslims.

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Good NIGHT!  Does this remind anyone of "Gott Mit Uns" on belt buckles some years back?


You are not telling the full story and making it look like Germany is made of religious nuts which is definitely not the case.
Here is a photo of the full stone with it's sign that explains what this is about.
(ctrl f Eslohe)
The one you say is not at the entrance, it is just placed in the greens  at the city hall. 

Here is the translation of what it says on the sign:

"After totalitarian, inhuman restraint by nationalism and communism, after escape and banishment,
the 'Moscow and Warsaw agreement' for communication and new partnership, acknowledgement of existing borders, enforcement of peace and safety in Europe and the world has been created."

Yes the stone has been put up with a christian symbol on it but that is due to the time it was put up in. Religion was deemed something important then, especially after communism (religion and communism is a separate topic). 
It is basically a historic memorial stone and it should be seen for what it stands for rather than whatever picture you were trying to paint there.

Generally Germany is not a very religious country. You will be left alone if you are an Atheist and nobody gives a fuck if you believe in something or not. The police / judges / lawyers will not treat you differently based on what you believe unlike in other places on this planet where that is very much the case. 
You are putting a picture of a memorial stone, that speaks of the bad part in German history and tells how it was solved, and make it about religion. 
This one is neither spreading nor enforcing any religious messages and no reasonable German will read it the way you presented it here.

PS.: I am German + I hate my country BUT I still think that we should stay with facts rather than make stuff up just to have something to cry about.

actually, this is in my hometown and i took the photo with my phone so I'm not sure what do you mean? and yes Germany is the only country in Europe that is getting more religious

What city hall?  Wouldn't that apply only to that city?  And a marker doesn't always indicate official approval of its message.  I might find it annoying, but not frightening.

Nothing surprises me. These days in Trumpland I sit back and watch everything and find 2 basic groups in the world. The one group is for getting "their share" of things by any means possible. They have been shown that this is possible and they disavow all human rights unless you are white. Even then do not turn your back on them.

There is a second group that is all religious. They are much like the first group except they do the same things in the name of their god. In America they want their god to be white and his law be the law of the land. It's the same in the rest of the world except that the people involved might not always be white.

So, I'm not surprised if Germans think they have a special connection to god again. It's this special connection that has had people killing each other for a very long time.

this stone head is not new but I think putting it in front of the city hall send a message ( we are one nation under the cross, not god)




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