Get Ready To Puke: Religious Dispatches Discusses New Film, "Son of God," in Context of Previous Film Fables

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In my version of this mess the lead actor would be Hot-Hammet, the hottest actor in the middle east today!

But seriously folks, I read a review of the new film "Son Of God" and forgot where I read it. The reviewer was atheist and said the movie did nothing for him. Some were affected, he claimed, because the woman setting beside him made noises all through the movie, "Oh, boo hoo hoo, oh, boo hoo hoo, oh, boo hoo hoo." She was very emotional over everything happening to this Jesus. It was almost as if she didn't know the story and it took her by great surprise.

As for myself, I saw a preview of this film on TV, and it looked like Jesus was showing doubting Tommy a hole completely through his hand, and that hole was as big as a quarter! I thought they were trying to line up Venus or Mars for viewing or something. That clip is no longer shown in my arera.

Do I want to see this movie? All I can say is "Oh, boo hoo hoo, boo hoo hoo, boo hoo hoo." This is about as bad as the back and forth crying over Good Friday as to whether it was really "good" or not. I'll do that one next time.

I'm not certain what to make of this latest version of the life of the carpenter-turned-rabbi from Nazareth, except to say this: if I had to guess, I would say that its proponents and especially those of evangelical stripe will be loud and determined ... and far fewer than were promoting Mel Gibson's opus of 10 years ago.  What impressions I get from Son of God from the media is that this will be very weak tea, by comparison with Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, and this will not escape the notice of the secular press in its criticisms of SoG.  Expect Faux Noise to praise it roundly, regardless, with Coulter and O'Reilly giving especial notice to it, but in the overall, theirs will be voices in the wilderness.

It's entirely possible that I'm fulla beans here, but what I see in Son of God is yet one more poorly structured ploy to bring their god to more people.  In that regard, it will fail miserably and wind up being more preaching to the converted than anything else.  I wonder if those who are backing this movie think that they're back in the late 50s and early 60s, that a modern day sand-and-sandal epic can have the same emotional impact now that King of Kings and Ben Hur had half a century ago.  Personally, I think not.

In any case, there may be some amusement potential in the dog-and-pony show that is about to ensue.  Did somebody bring the popcorn?

I believe Christians leaders trot out this tail in movie form hoping it will stop the hemorrhage of people leaving the church and somehow attract young adults to join.  I've read that since the pedophile scandal went from being an American problem to a world crisis for the Catholic Church that for ever person that joins the Church four leave.  Of course these numbers may change with the new Pope. The research shown at the 2013 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Conventions showed Church membership was down by 100,000 from the previous year, primary worship attendance had declined 3.1% and baptism's had decreased 5.5% since the previous year the lowest since 1948. This new movie on the old theme of a god/man sacrificing himself for humankind's sins grows less and less relevant and in time will make the church irrelevant.

Can we hope that the Church dies the death of a thousand cuts?

Yes, after all, so much of the stories end up on the cutting room floor. For example, when they make a movie about Sodom and Gomorrah, they never fail to show Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt, a really good opportunity for a remake now that we can such convincing visuals using C.G.I.'s. But these movies never show Lot fucking his daughters.

James, that is hilarious! It's also true.

BTW, the reason Lot's wife has never really been found is that salt was a very needed comodity in those days and the local people chipped away at her until they used her up. (Just a little apologetics there.) She never will be found because of this.

Well, thank goodness she didn't turn into a pig.

Yeah ... some young upstart rabbi might have cast a demon into her.

John Aultman, once the gullibles realize that nothing comes of "prayer" they see no point wasting their time in buildings with colored windows.

Why James, that is so not true. I have seen the stoplight change, right after I prayed. It was indeed a miracle. I have a daily commute and so I will continue to heap praise upon the lawd.

Personal opinion, but for my $0.02 worth, it's nothing more than a ploy to make money - pure and simple. These movies are the ultimate in Hollywood sequels. I doubt that those in the production of this thing give a flying rat's bladder about salvation, redemption, or doing 'good works.' They've got a market of tambourine banging arm waivers they can exploit. Considering how well the Bible did on the ersatz History Channel, think of the advertising revenue they'll pull in as all the true believers breathlessly wait for the outcome of the story.

In terms of sucking up the rube's hard earned dough, these guys nailed it.

Gee, Pat, should we start calling the phenomenon "Jesus: The Franchise"?


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