Get motivated seminars coming to the following areas...Atheists beware...Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, March 15, Savannah, GA, March 23, Beaumont, Tx, March 25, and New Orleans, LA, April 12.  Any atheists in these yourself the money and time.  Do not go to these motivation seminars.  They are at least 75% Religious and 25% motivational.  They even have a come to Jesus moment and ask those who do to fill out cards stating that they are committed.  My job sent about 3/4 of our employees to the seminars and most of the day was a waste to their religious speeches.  It's bull, save your company the money and have a motivational day with your own company...have a day out for families...there are many more constructive things to do with your money or your companies...


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