A bit of background for friends who don’t live in Colorado:

The  midterm elections were filled with negative political advertising.

While not overtly  hostile, many ads teetered on the edge, and were engineered to anger and outrage potential voters. Millions of dollars were spent saturating the airways. 

And then comes this post-election rant from the Gazette Telegraph, the only daily newspaper in Colorado Springs.  

Nobody is suprised at this bit of journalistic hyperbole coming from this right wing rag.


“With the election behind us, we are free from the negative ads.

Enjoy the break, because more negativity is just around the corner. As we enter the holiday season, atheist organizations are planning to spend more than ever on Debbie Downer ad blitzes. Some will be relatively polite, such as the series planned by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The group is renting billboards in a dozen or so cities that will feature ordinary folks proudly announcing their unbelief, kind of like the friendly Mormon ads. “I like baking, biking & sleeping in on Sundays,” says one of the planned billboards. That’s the way to do it.

Others campaigns will confront believers. An American Atheists billboard will say: “You Know it’s a Myth.This Season Celebrate Reason.” The American Humanist Association will advertise bible verses that sound violent, followed by celebrities denouncing religion. Take it in stride. Hug your atheist friends and commit to having a joyous and faith-filled Christma-hanna-kwanza-rama-Karthikai Deepam.”


Some of the comments are interesting, considering that Colorado Springs is like the headquarters of right-wing xianity in the U.S.

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