So I'm newly divorced (December), and sooner or later I'm going to get out and start dating soon. I'm open-minded, sometimes to a fault, but I'm going to have a hard time dating anyone with firm religious convictions. I'd prefer to date, or even just meet and make friends with atheist/agnostic women. I think that when people are philosophically compatible, they usually have more in common in many other areas. Does anyone have any friendly suggestions? I live in the Chicago area, if that helps. Thanks in advance.

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I had a lot of trouble staying single at an astronomy club I was in. Besides that, I find wearing a subtle Dawkins scarlet letter pin during dates allows you to weed out bad apples.  

I’ll be watching this thread for the same reasons lol.

i'm in the same boat.  i simply won't date anyone who is clearly religious.  i haven't had much luck, but i can tell you that i use and a healthy amount of women on that site consider themselves "non-religious".  

My current (and last) girlfriend used to be a Catholic INO.  After meeting me, a life long atheist, she realized that she was actually agnostic, and she never actually felt anything about the religion that she grew up with and kept going through the motions for.  We have great fun now mocking the scam that is religion.  I would stay away from a partner that is clearly and irreversibly indoctrinated, but I wouldn't write off the ocean of CINOs that are out there.  Bringing one around to a realization that they are only pretending can be a valuable source of attraction.




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