A heart-warming story of how Rev. Fred Phelp's Westboro Baptist Church gets pwned by a clever Chicago student! (more here)



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Man, you just GOT to love social jujitsu!
The only thing is their entire premise is based on the idea that Sodomite means homosexual. >.> I don't understand how they get that from a story of men wanting to rape angels. After all, why would immortal beings need to be differentiated into male and female?

Do you know when they're heading out here to L.A.? I'm kind of curious what trouble I can get into. >.>
I'm certain they'll be out here someday (altho maybe they've written off the "Left Coast" as irredeemable) but I don't know when. I only put mention of Los Angeles in the article because Examiner.com insists my stories have a local angle. Mea culpa. If they do ever show up here though, I'll be sure to let you know.
I love it! I met these idiots on my return from Iraq to Fort Benning Ga. They threw things at our bus before we even got to see our families. This was back in '03. I'm sure you may have heard about it on the news? We where the first ones to dish at ass whoopings. As soon as formation was released, we got in our cars and drove to the front gates. They where still there! I guess they thought we where gonna come say hi or something. They had signs that said we deserved death. Some of my friends didn't make it back. We took it very personal. Most of us spent our first day back in "freedom land" in a jail cell. I wouldn't recommend anyone else take this course of action but, it worked for me ;)
Good going James... while it is my opinion that the war is unjustifiable and a waste of American lives (and am not even American), I think these WBC guys were begging for an arse-kicking! I can only imagine how aggravating it must've been to come back home and see these retards spewing such hate.
Oh James!
How many of us have fantasized about beating the crap out of these idiot bigots!
It must have felt awesome! Good for you and your friends. We should all take this personally!
This article is great reminder that the best way to prove that an idiot is an idiot is to let them speak.




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