Many of you know me and may remember when I got suckered in to the debate at work that turned in to a royal rumble in the parking I was supposed to get a debate with that pastor shortly afterwords. Well for reasons beyond my understanding he was unable to comply with the date. I think the church didn't like the idea or something.

Anyway, so he has set up another one to be held march 26th in Mississippi at a convention center. I'm very nervous because I'm not an experienced public speaker. Also there is going to be an audience of (I'm assuming) all Christians. I may get lynched lol.

So I think I may be getting suckered in to another bad situation. I don't wanna have to fight more Christians (physically) but if I back out now I'm scared I may hurt our cause. I'm not worried about the winning or losing part (again physically) but I'm sure the police and the judge are going to think I'm out looking for fights. I'm also ill prepared as school started back March 15th and I'm to busy studying design and coding to deal with the fictitious lord of the Jews. Is anyone in the area that could maybe attend with me? If not can anyone lend some advice? Thanks guys.

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@Objection No problem bud. Like I said I can give you many more. That's just a few in Genesis. There are plenty more in that book alone. I can give you lots more on any subject from homosexuality to slavery to genocide to racism etc etc almost every subject is covered by this arrogant asinine book of theirs. It don't stop in that religion. I can to the same with the Qu'ran. It shouldn't be a surprise. After all these books where written by men @ 2000 years ago. They where all "off" in the head back then. Thank "science" for progression!


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