Many of you know me and may remember when I got suckered in to the debate at work that turned in to a royal rumble in the parking I was supposed to get a debate with that pastor shortly afterwords. Well for reasons beyond my understanding he was unable to comply with the date. I think the church didn't like the idea or something.

Anyway, so he has set up another one to be held march 26th in Mississippi at a convention center. I'm very nervous because I'm not an experienced public speaker. Also there is going to be an audience of (I'm assuming) all Christians. I may get lynched lol.

So I think I may be getting suckered in to another bad situation. I don't wanna have to fight more Christians (physically) but if I back out now I'm scared I may hurt our cause. I'm not worried about the winning or losing part (again physically) but I'm sure the police and the judge are going to think I'm out looking for fights. I'm also ill prepared as school started back March 15th and I'm to busy studying design and coding to deal with the fictitious lord of the Jews. Is anyone in the area that could maybe attend with me? If not can anyone lend some advice? Thanks guys.

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Thanks guys. I would love to have you. I got three days now and so far I got 5 people. I feel pretty good about it. I wish we where more organized. Strength is in numbers...but I guess that will come eventually. I'll let everyone know how it goes and keep this thread updated until it's done. Any other suggestions or advice is welcome
Does the debate have a structure or a theme or a question - or is it more freeform?
Well the "letter of intent" asked me to refuse the existance of 1) a God 2) a God Head 3) That the bible is based on factual evidence and 4) That I will explain in simple english why I believe that Christianity is wrong. I edited the last one. I crossed out believe in place of the word "know". When asked why I simply stated that I am in no way about to lower myself to a belief. I know what I know because the evidence supoorts it. If I had to "believe" I might as well be a Christian.

I hope this answers the question. That's about all I know ATM
I'd love to be there to bad it's the 26th, I'll be passing through Mississippi on the 29th (from Denver to Greenville, SC).
Fundamentalists are generally to fucking dumb to make a logical argument, but then, their adherents are to fucking dumb to follow a logical argument.
If religions were logical there wouldn't be any religions.
In any event good luck, have fun and try not to injure any of them to seriously.
You sir are great! lol Will do
Good luck buddy!! I know I couldn't do it. I wish I could be there as well. We all need to stick together. One thing to remember you cannot lose the debate because no matter what happens you are standing on rational ground and they are not. Their entire belief system is based on a fairy tale. Your beliefs are based in reality. I always thought that it was wrong to call a theist v. atheist discussion a debate because there is nothing really to debate.
It seems that easy at first glance. The problem is the reality of the situation. The reality is our elected officials are still sworn in to office by placing their hand on this fairy tale. To testify in court you have to swear on this fairy tale. It's on our money. It's on every 5th channel on t.v. It's thanked every time someone wins an award, title, championship, etc. It's ridiculous but true. If we take the approach of "we can never lose" we will also never win.

That being said, debating is not for everyone. Some people can't slow themselves to retard-slow and explain things like the 13th Chromosome, Evolution, or Plate Tectonics to people who still believe that Noah got 2 of every animal on a boat and it rained for 30 days and 30 nights is no easy task.
I know what you are saying. My point was that there should be an intellectual discourse and this cannot happen if one side of the discussion is based in la la land, if you know what I mean. I am not saying we should give up or throw our hands up in frustration (though I feel like that most of the time), I am saying that we should just keep talking until it sinks in. In fact I think we should put Sam Harris' "Letter to a Christian Nation" in every hotel room in the nation. That is what they do and it seems to work for them. We need to be more visible and vocal but I am afraid debates may be somewhat difficult, unavoidable but difficult. I am behind you on this and today is the good luck and keep the rubber on the road, don't get emotional!
Thank you for the motivation. I understand your point and agree with you totally. Sorry if I went off in another direction. It just bothers me from time to time when I meet an atheist that says things like "What's the point?" You know what I mean? Not saying that's what you said. Just stating my direction and where I'm coming from. I have 3 little girls. I'm a single father and a student and I work full time. If I can make time anyone can. I just look at my babies and I'm scared to death for their future. The course this world is following will be ended by religion if we don't speak up.

Off topic as hell but could you imagine IF there actually was life out there and they stumbled upon our planet and found religion killed us? We would be the joke of the universe! lol

Anyway, yes today is the day! I was just looking on here for some last minute tips/advice. Looks like the activity here has died down considerably since my last debate. Either Jesus is getting to people or we have alot more "What's the point?" atheists!
I am certainly not a what's the point kind of person, but I live in South Carolina and, well need I say more. I am in contact with others of our ilk in the area and that helps but for the most part everyone I know has a belief in this god thing.

The internet is the only thing that keeps me sane. I think a constant and unforgiving pressure is what we need to do. But I can't talk these people down, they are just too way out there. It is really like speaking two different languages. A friend of mine the other day asked me if I would ever be open to changing my mind and I just smiled.

I did tell her that after giving up the whole idea of a god it made me feel so much better and more able to be a real human being with real intentions of being a good and moral person. I did not need a father figure to shadow me to make me behave. My creativity and open mindedness has become so much more amazing to me now that I have shed that idea. I am enjoying my life and my children much much more knowing that this is the one and only time I will have with them. I am not waiting for an afterlife. If there happens to be an afterlife well than great, I didn't lose on either end then.

We have two boys and we are homeschooling and that has been a great reward for us. I too am a little scared of what is ahead for them but I am optimistic and there are many places they can go in this world and I have an idea that they will go far down the road of their choice.

I am looking forward to hearing how things went for you today.
Thank you very much. I'm actually here. There are people here but, Mr. Pastor is no where to be I think I'm cheating cuz I'm all ready talking to people and answering questions. This is more fun to me anyway!
GO JAMES!!! Win one for the home team.




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