ACCRA, GHANA – The Humanist Association of Ghana will be hosting its first international conference on “West African Humanism in Action” from November 23rd to 25th November 2012 in Accra.

Humanism is an ethical stance based on reason, freethinking and rationalism and not on the belief of supernatural beings, like a God. Humanist ethics promote solidarity, respect for human dignity and self-determination.

The conference will showcase the work of West African humanists, promote humanism and provide training for its development.

The first day will be open to all Ghanaians in which key note speakers will discuss humanism and the rights of women and children in patriarchal cultures and the rights of lesbian and gay people, combating religious superstition and exploitation, and the promotion of critical thinking.

The second and third days will consist of training for humanists working within West Africa to network and explore ways to further their work.

This international conference will showcase what humanist activism contributes to the human rights of people within the West African context. Humanists counter the harmful impacts of superstitious beliefs; see for example the work of humanists in Nigeria. They address the human rights violations of marginalized groups, as humanists do in Liberia and the Gambia. Moreover, humanists foster a culture of reason, human dignity and promote the freedom and responsibility to take charge of one’s own life.

The conference is being organised by the International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation, the Youth Section of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, and the Humanist Association of Ghana.

Venue: SSNIT Guest House, Avenue 22, Ringway Estates, Osu, near Ako Adjei Interchange, adjacent DFID, Accra.

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IHEYO, the youth section of IHEU, the international humanist network:

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