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Yeah....this made the news in OKC last night. Still laughing my old ass off.
That's hilarious!
Well folks, I dug 2x on this one, look what I found on the data lookup of this site:

Very funny indeed!
The guy who wrote this article is really dumb. He knows nothing about art. He said it was painted in the Baroque era, when it was painted in Byzantine era (about 200 years before the Baroque era). The importance of this is the Catholic Church was going crazy with embellishing their Churches with iconography, rather than covering it up like the protestants were. They lavished paintings in gold-leaf and commissioned tons of art during this time. Lots of it contained nudity. And, more importantly, the art work of the Baroque era was very realistic, and normally painted from real models. During the Middle ages, artists did not paint from real life, they painted from memory. They'd probably never even seen abs. The artist probably didn't bother too look at his own stomach either. Explains the weirdness in the tummy area.
The guy who wrote this article is really dumb.

People here still keep poe-ing their pants. That's funny. And sad.
Oh yeah, and they get super pissed when you catch them in their misinformation.
I said I had a masters degree so he wouldn't be like "Oh, so you only took 6 art history classes, you don't know anything"
Instead, he mocked the degree and said the painting was still garbage. He didn't even correct his mistake.
I know some Nigerian gentlemen that would like to offer you a business proposition.

Wait, DaVinci was a homosexual? I thought he was an asexual who simply tried sex with both men and women to help figure out what he is.

If Jesus was that well-endowed, he'd have become a porn star, not a carpenter.
The story is legitimate, Christwire is not. It's a satire site.




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