Gingrich ‘Inadvertently’ Names Porn Company ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ For Stimulating The Economy

This week, Allison Vivas of Pink Visual received a fax from Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions for Winning the Future (ASWF) group, informing her that she’s been chosen for a 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year award by his Business Defense and Advisory Council. From the letter obtained by ThinkProgress:

Newt would like to arrange a private dinner with you at the historic Capitol Hill Club on the evening of October 7, 2009 in Washington. You’ll dine privately with Newt at this exclusive venue and he’ll take the occasion to present you with your well deserved award and have your photo taken together.

This tremendous honor is a testament to your success in building your business and recognition of the risks you take to create jobs and stimulate the economy. As an award winner, you’ll be on the ground floor as Newt and his Council begin the work to turn this country around. … Newt is looking forward to hearing your ideas on getting the economy moving again and getting your feedback on his plans over dinner.

Pink Visual is a porn DVD superstore — not the type of company you’d expect Gingrich would want stimulating the economy. ThinkProgress contacted Gingrich aide Joe Gaylord, who sent the faxed letter to Vivas, but we didn’t receive a response. An ASWF representative reportedly called Pink Visual this morning saying it had “inadvertently” sent the fax to Vivas and was retracting the honor. Pink Visual’s marketing coordinator Q Boyer didn’t buy the excuse:

“Allison was disappointed to receive a call this morning from an ASWF representative stating that the fax had been sent to her ‘inadvertently,’” Boyer told “We’re not entirely clear on how one ‘inadvertently’ sends a fax to the right person at the correct fax number, so our sense is that this is damage control on the part of a group that is having second thoughts about either recognizing the excellent work of a porn company entrepreneur in light of their own conservative political and social orientation, or having second thoughts about their promotional methodology and communication protocols.”

Ironically, on May 17, 1995, Gingrich led a press conference on Capitol Hill announcing the Christian Coalition’s 10-point “Contract with the American Family,” a conservative legislative wish list. One of the items in the contract: restricting pornography. From Gingrich’s comments:

“We are committed to scheduling the hearings, to scheduling the mark-up and to scheduling the bills on the floor,” Gingrich said. “We’re committed to implementing the contract with the family.“

Gingrich’s Business Defense and Advisory Council appears to be an outreach to small businesses nationwide. We spoke with Larry Kudeviz, owner of Genesis Press in South Carolina and previous award-winner. Kudeviz said that when he attended the dinner with Gingrich recently, there were about 30 or 40 other entrepreneurs there. He, like Vivas, was surprised to get the award because he had never had any contact with the Speaker. Since the dinner, he has continued to receive e-mail updates from ASWF.

Jarvis Coffin, CEO and President of Burst Media, also received an invitation to attend the Oct. 7 dinner with Gingrich. In a post on the Huffington Post, he wondered how Gingrich’s group found his e-mail address and whether it was breaking FCC rules by sending unsolicited faxes. The outreach by ASWF left a “bad taste in my mouth,” wrote Coffin.

Listed on the agenda for the dinner is time for video testimonies. In the fax Gaylord sent to Vivas, this portion is circled with the note, “Please come prepared to share your thoughts on how we can help your business.” Vivas also received a fax showing a mock award and a replica of the “gavel that changed America” that she would be receiving.

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That's an interesting point. I struggle with not be absolutely disgusted by porn or anything similar like using sex to sell things in advertisements and movies and what not.
I often feel disgusted being part of the female gender knowing that some guy has watched something, liked it and could possibly be looking at me in that manner. (when some lame ass tries to hit on me and licks his lips)
I'm sure I sound horridly prude, but I'm pretty close to hypocritical. For example: My first instinct about nudity in art is that its pointless. Just "classy" porn to look at. But rationally I know its not true. I even posed for art classes nude for a few years and to help get myself involved and quit thinking that way. But I still do.
Where does this come from? I was raised fairly normal...
The primal female instinct is to retain a mate to raise off spring. Promiscuity threatens that retention.

Damn. I missed another memo.
Crap, me too...
Maybe they skipped my fax number.
Sounds more like the idea the marriage is a female invention. lol
Sounds more like the idea the marriage is a female invention. lol

Quite the opposite is true. Marriage has its origins in the concept that women are the property of men. The Bible often uses the expression "husbandly owner" or its equivalent depending on the translation. This view of a bride as property or a means to an end(provider of progeny) was not unique to the Hebrews.

It's thought by some that the idea of marrying for love wasn't popularized until the 12th century.
It's thought by some that the idea of marrying for love wasn't popularized until the 12th century.

Is that just in a "Western" context, or is this a global thing? I'm familiar with the rise of courtly love in the "West", but not particularly versed in the history of marriage for "love" in the rest of the world.
BULLSHIT DETECTED! Its not normal in the least, and if it has become so we live in a sad world. It has nothing to do with basic instincts.

Really now, you're being a prude plain and simple. Were you raised Christian or conservatively?

Oh no, someone finds me sexual attractive! Help me! Oh no, someone wants to stick their penis in me, and make me feel good, and tell me I am beautiful! How dare those sickos wish such a thing!

Do you have any idea how terribly asinine that sounds?

The sculture of David "classy" porn?

You have made my blood boil, but you are right about one thing. Licking your lips while hitting on someone is lame.
Back off. If you can't be civil, don't comment.
People are often fascinated by their own culture's taboos. Straight people indulge in them in secrecy. Dissenters do the same overtly, and it's not uncommon for them to overreact, since it's the most convenient way to say, "fuck the society and its 'moral' codes". See that anti-conformism for what it often is: reverse conformism. Like, if you were a true hippie, you had to smoke pot and wear the right set of clothes to be part of the bunch.

You sound like you might be a natural non-conformist, and you're just not interested in pornography. Don't try to 'cure' what is not a malady by forcing yourself to conform to your free-thinking peers' likes and dislikes. Just be yourself.
I don't really care for porn either mainly because it's boring. There are only so many positions and/or acts that can be done. After about 1 minute boredom sets in.
Another reason is that many of the women (girls) are forced into performing and are victims of human trafficking - one of the more disgusting crimes IMO. I don't want to contribute to that type of low life activity.
Having mixed feelings about pornography, being disgusted by it, or not liking how sex is used to sell things in advertising does not automatically make one a prude. When I'm more well rested, I hope to elaborate on this.


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