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She was even sitting in a religion class.... 

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perhaps it was because she wore yellow socks every tuesday? Its a side-show story, it really only caught somebody's eye because they wanted to say "Girl dies after thanking god"

It is sad that this qualified as news.  Especially with so much "real" news happening all over the world.

when somone dies all he/she does is thanks god

Ya, makes no sense...

i saw this on HP last week and thought to myself, "self, should i keep reading the Huffington Post?"  i decided to give them another chance - they do have some juicy religion articles. 

I suppose the irony over rode the deeply tragic in this article...seems that the school do not learn lessons though...they promised to pray for the that really works as this senseless death demonstrates.

But whatever her personal delusion, condolences must be offered, she was far to young, what a sad waste of a life barely begun.




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