Psychics are all BS.

Here's an interesting news article.

Amanda Berry, a 16-year-old girl when she went missing in 2003, was rescued from an unassuming house in Cleveland Monday night, where she and others are believed to have been abducted and held captive for up to a decade.

Tragically, a high-profile psychic told Berry's mother in 2004 that she was dead, a phenomenon all too common when it comes to missing persons — psychics seem to have all the answers though they typically turn out to be completely wrong.

For nearly two years after her disappearance Amanda Berry's mother, Louwana Miller, held out hope that her daughter would be found alive and returned to her: Maybe Amanda ran away from home and would come back some day, or was in an accident and somehow lost her memory. Miller endured the terrible limbo of not knowing, holding out hope against the odds but not wanting to believe the worst.




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That's right in my home stomping ground, Steph, the west side of Cleveland, Ohio.  What I wouldn't give to hear someone say, "That psychic LIED to me, and I have no further use for her or her kind."

The problem is that I still hear about prayers given and supposedly answered when it was the pluck and courage of Amanda Berry which was likely responsible for her freedom and that of her two co-captives.

Thank you Loren.

Psychics - groan. Mediums were debunked a century ago.

Thank you Jonathan - appreciate the reply.

Psychics could conceivably provide counseling without fabrication, to people who believe in their "powers" -- for instance, using a tarot card layout as a catalyst to see what the client reads into the cards.

But it's all too easy to want to hear, or want to give, concrete answers about unknown things.

That is a good idea Grinning Cat. I agree.

Do I recall correctly or did not Nancy Reagan consult with psychics when her husband was president and Reagan still continues to be the hero of the religious right?

The one who drives me nuts is the one on A and E... Long Island Medium, I don't know her real name.  I've seen a few shows with my teenage daughter (I don't force my beliefs on my kids).  The show just reeks of set up: hey, i just happened to walk into this shoe-store and just happened to find someone who lost a love one. Yah, right! You'd think one of her dead buddies, who tell her all kinds of important information, would let her know that her hair is too big and her nails are gross!  My friend is really into that Sylvia Brown lady.  I tried to read some of her stuff, before i was an atheist and i was searching for answers.  I only made it through a few pages.  She just sounded crazy!  I wish i could make millions selling books just by pulling loony bs out of my butt!




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