I mostly listen while I am driving.  I started listening to Irreligiosophy a couple months ago and liked them so of course they are now off the air.  I seed something else to fill the gap. 


I have tried several others so far and can't find anything I really like.  SGU made me want to stick an icepick in my head when they started going on for 30 minutes of extremely boring explanations of why each person on the program chose wether or not they thought a new story was true.  Many others end up being something like a morning radio show..lots of banter and zero substance.  So what I want is some humor and substance.  Anything to dry and I can't get through it. 



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Oh I listen to a bunch of Atheist podcasts.

The Non-Prophets

Atheist Experience

Brutally Honest

Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF)

An American Atheist

American Freethought

Freethought Radio

Dogma Free America

Humanist Hour -- I have more --

They are available on iTunes-- do a search for Atheist and freethought and humanist in the podcasts area of iTunes

The Good Atheist

Atheist Talk

-- there are so many -- do the search in iTunes and you will see a bunch

I'm stuck with a BlackBerry so no ITunes (plus I am somewhat anti-Apple).

I've listened to some of these, Non-Profits, AE, ANN.  I'll have to check out the others.  Thanks!

I listened to a couple so far.  Will have to download a couple more to check out.  Still on the fence with this one.


Speaking of feminsist podcasts/websites.. I love Skepchick.  And RW makes some great YouTube vids.  But I couldn't listen to her on SGU.  I felt like all her personality had been drained out.

so far it's been ffrf and atheist experience for me. I play atheist experience on youtube and just listen to the audio at bedtime. I'm happy to see so many podcasts of different shows. I just noticed the ad on this page "American Heathen". Listening to these shows calms me down, because it is so refreshing to hear logic in the form of a radio show, and i never encounter atheists in real life.

Looks like I have a lot of downloading and listening to do over the weekend.  Thanks all!




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