Hi everyone.  My name is Stephanie Blizzard, I am 27 years old, have two beautiful girls, not with their dad anymore (I think that my being an atheist had something to do with the marriage ending), married again to a great guy.  I am an atheist, have come to that realization around the age of 17 or 18 years old.  But, I was not raised in a very religious household, I do know that my mom as well as my dad have their own beliefs.  We were not church goers when I was younger, so I think that my upbringing had some influence over the fact that I don't believe in God.  Of course I didn't start questioning everything until I was older and I basically asked myself "Why do I believe in God?", and my life changed from there on.  I have had a few run ins with some ignorant people on the topic of their religious beliefs and because I am also into body piercings and tattoos, that didn't really help the situation, so I have had a couple of people assume that I was into devil worship and that I was into heavy drugs.

    Aside from the fact that I am atheist, my interests are of course my daughters, my husband, body piercings and tattoos, genealogy, computers, books, movies, music, drawing and painting.  I am originally from Michigan, but I have lived in 7 different states, most of the states I have lived in more than once.  I even lived in South Korea for a short time, but I don't remember much of it, as I was two years old at the time.  I work as a Research Assistant for a company called Robinson Research, basically just conducting surveys over the phone, I'm sure that most of you have probably gotten a call about one survey or another....maybe even from me...lol.  We don't do political surveys, which I am very happy about, because the top two discussions that I try to avoid like the plague are about political and/or religious views.

    I am so glad that I have found this place, because, as I am sure you all know, that you don't come across very many people outside the web that share your religious beliefs, or should I say lack there of.  It becomes extremely hard to speak to anyone on that particular topic.  So, that being said, I look forward to hopefully making some new and interesting friends that I have something in common with on here!


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Welcome, glad you found us. There are interesting discussions here.

Glad to have more atheists on board. WELCOME!

Madhukar Kulkarni.


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