fear.  it's what Beck does best.  he uses the age old tactic of instilling fear in his audience to get a reaction.  he's obviously been successful, and now he turns his attention to us. 

"the Atheists are coming together, and they're getting louder.  they've never been organized."

and they're coming to get you!  hide your babies, they look hungry!! 

Atheism is on the rise, and perhaps the Religious have reason to be a little nervous.  the idea of truly secular government does frighten them.  the hardcore religious are the most likely to attempt to drive public policy.  but your average Believer has no reason to be scared, unless they worry that their flock is about to scatter.  we aren't going to bother them, unless our very presence is offensive. 

we're also out to destroy churches, apparently.  personally, i think that churches can stand, and likely will, yet if they become empty i will not weep.  i can't imagine that many Atheists hope for churches to be destroyed. this is just Beck's way of scaring the bejesus (hehe) out of his audience. 

in Beck's world, where thankfully i cannot imagine living, Atheism is akin to Communism.  thus his justification for attacking Atheists.  as if this even needs to be said, WHAT A DOUCHEBAG! 

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Getting "information" from Glenn Beck is like getting food storage tips from Jeffrey Dahmer.

Obama will send them out after he gets re-elected.

I hate to give Beck credit for anything at all, but that "Hide your babies, they look hungry" line is pretty funny.  It almost shows a glimmer of intelligence.

Not to worry, that line was mine.

Thank you!  I thought I was going to have to change my opinion of Beck.

"hide your babies, they look hungry!"

(laughing to hard to think coherently)

seriously, i love you guys!

Why isn't this man on the comedy circuit? I'd pay to see him. He makes me laugh!

I just laughed my ass off. Thanks.

He is my Step-father's hero! I'd say different strokes but it just amazing to me that any rational person can take Beck seriously.

i need to vent.  Beck's website The Blaze has an article on "Rock Beyond Belief", and the comments section just about made my head explode.  the awful, hatred and animosity towards Atheists is every bit of what we think our Christian compadres feel about us.  they HATE and FEAR us, in such a passionate way that is totally disconnected from reality.  i try to stay informed on what "the other side" thinks, but i just couldn't stomach it anymore.  my only hope is that these are older, white males who will hopefully die off sooner than later.  perhaps their hatred towards science will keep them away from doctors and medication, but for some reason, they seem to trust those scientists.  ugh.




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