this even caught the attention of my step-Father who reads "the blaze" daily.  i doubt he watched the video but i happily explained to him that it was about the Pope.  he said, which Pope?"  i responded, "all of them, i'm sure". 


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actually, Melinda, Jamie Killstein was rather kid-unfriendly as well.  funny as hell though.  he was one of the many highlights of the day! 

i never swear around kids, yet i have no problem with kids in attendance at the RR hearing some of the foul language.  that's life.  people swear.  teach your kids that it's not how THEY should speak, even if others choose to do so.  IMO, at least. 

If you watch the videos from the Pope song at the Rally, you'll see on the monitors at one point a little six year old blonde girl in a pink raincoat atop her Daddy's shoulders. That's my daughter and I. Yes, she heard "fuck" alot that day. She knows there are words she is not supposed to say because they are impolite, but we have decided not to hide our children from words. They only have the power that we decide to give them.

Making words taboo or naughty just gives them a mystical significance that peaks a curious child's interest anyway. And we are doing what we can to avoid such mystical nonsense. If she hears a word or a phrase she doesn't understand, she asks and we talk about it. Otherwise it goes right over her head unless someone makes a big deal over it. Oh, and she LOVED confessions (AKA "the boob song") 

I've got a video of this song (Fuck the Pope) on my blog, as well as his "Storm" bit.

Both are a lot more "kid-friendly" than the kiddie-fucking pedophile priests and their motherfucking enablers?

Amen, Brother!!!

That's ok, I am pretty sure Tim has never even heard of Glen Beck or his media outlets. I don't think Tim is worried.

Don't let one stray turd in the pool ever stop you Tim.

Beck's just pissed that we beat his rally IN THE RAIN.

I think he should write a song about Glenn Beck.

Lol, it would just contain the same words: replace pope with anything really....

Like; (cue bouncy piano) "Fuck you, you motherfucking fucker Glenn Beck"

Yeah, it's got a beat and you can dance to it, …catchy lyric as well.



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