Glenn Beck doesn't believe in evolution. Well, duh...

On October 20, Glenn Beck told the audience of Premiere Radio Network's The Glenn Beck Program, why he doesn't believe in evolution. You can listen to him by clicking on the video... and listen while he gets graded on logic.


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Curses! You beat me to it!

Straw poll - is anyone in the least bit surprised?
Whoa !!!!... The earth is round ?? What-up with that ?
Beck simply echoes the ignorance that abounds in this country. Whether he believes his own drivel or not, when you strip away the hype, he's in it for the money. Unfortunately, he has just enough of a yahoo following to be able to do some small measure of damage.
People that say the most absurd things get paid the most these days. No surprise here.
And the Fox Network pays the most for them.
Not this idiot again...
Noooooooo really?
He doesnt believe in evolution?
Who would have thought?

Beck can't possibly believe what he says. Stupid sells, and stupid gets ratings, and there are a tons of people with no sense of logic, and thats what pays his bills.
I am, I admit, torn between the dilemma of wanting to believe that he believes his own nonsense and of thinking he's rather good at making people think he he believes what he says.

Then I remember that he is a mor(m)on - and so believes in angels and golden plates - which is no help at all in figuring out just how sane he is.




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