Glenn Beck is planning a rally in Israel the Summer of 2011. He is probably dreaming of forcing an obscure Mormon prophecy about a few of God's messengers being martyred in Jerusalem and their bodies lying in the streets for a few days before being brought back to life as a precursor to Armageddon.

Glenn's Site

I predict it will cause a lot of push back from the powers that be in Jerusalem, but Beck already covers that by allowing for a rally of one.


I think this thinly-veiled media charlatan is having the time of his life.

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I had never been to Beck's website before. I was amused to see that right at the top of the page is a "disclaimer" of sorts saying the site is entertainment meeting enlightenment. Pretty ambiguous but is probably carefully phrased to get him off the hook when someone takes him too seriously and sells the farm and sacrifices their first born because of something Glenn says.  He is a nut case but he is smart enough to make millions of dollars from other idiots.  I guess a certain part of that came from advertising, which has been  moving away from him lately. I guess his trip to Jerusalem is one step closer to his self-destruction (literally or figuratively). Will his career follow that of televangelists?
So long as GB's body winds up laying dead in a street somewhere, I must whole-heartedly approve of this venture. 




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