For those that don't know, there has been a persistent rumor that Faux News commentator Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. It's very likely an untruth, but Beck has yet to deny these claims. So the rumor persists.

But fear not! Beck has a throng of supporters, most notably Shelley the Republican. Shelley's blog post defending Beck is the stuff of internet legend. Trust me, it's worth bookmarking.

Fair warning: Do yourself a favor and resist the urge to post a comment until you've read the comments that are already posted. Because, really, the comments are the reason you'll want to visit the blog. They are a frenetic mix of sheer genius, staggering idiocy, acute awareness, and complete obliviousness.

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Holy Crap that site is pure gold! I particularly like the "Dream Ticket 2012" poll which features any combination of Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, and Alan Keyes. Kind of sad they left Bill O. off the list.
Thanks for posting this! I will be entertained for several hours I'm sure!


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